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Mariusz Błaszczak, Deputy Prime Minister, head of the Ministry of National Defence: we are starting a sixteen-day training program for civilians “Train like a soldier”

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The head of the Ministry of National Defence, Deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Błaszczak announced the launch of the sixteen-day “Train like a soldier” program for those who are not satisfied with the one-day “Train with the army” training. He explained that the program will focus on practical skills, such as handling weapons, first aid, basic hand-to-hand combat, and survival in difficult conditions.

Deputy Prime Minister Błaszczak announced the start of a new training program during a visit to the 1st Warsaw Armored Brigade, where he met with soldiers training, among others, on Leopard 2 tanks.

– Today we are inaugurating another edition of our “Train with the army” program – this time under the name “Train like a soldier”. This is another, extended version that meets the needs reported by the participants of the three editions of our program – said Błaszczak.

As he added, he heard the voices of training participants that the current one-day trainings are too short, and their participants, due to their professional work, cannot participate in full-time training, for example as part of voluntary compulsory military service.

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– We have created this new version of our program especially in response to the presented needs. 16-day training: two days to get to know the unit – in May we will organize such familiarization courses – and then two weeks in two editions – in July and August – announced the head of the Ministry of National Defense.

Błaszczak: We want as many people as possible to be trained

He added that the training program will focus on practical skills, such as weapon handling, first aid, basic hand-to-hand combat, and survival in difficult conditions. “It’s all part of a program that ends with a military oath,” he noted.

As the head of the Ministry of National Defense said, participants of the training will be able to receive reimbursement in the same amount as reserve soldiers during training. – We want as many people as possible to be trained, know how to use weapons, how to react in a difficult, crisis situation – he stressed, encouraging participation in the program. – Our slogan is “Three O”: openness in recruitment – we are already starting online recruitment, I encourage you to apply; openness in training – the training points are formulated in such a way in response to the greatest expectations of the participants of “Train with the army”, these are the points that enjoy the greatest interest, and openness to people – that’s why we formulated this program – said Błaszczak.

Mariusz Błaszczak during the inauguration of the “Train like a soldier” project at the headquarters of the 1st Warsaw Armored Brigade in WarsawPAP/Tomasz Gzell

General Kukuła: the program will be implemented in nearly 30 military units

General Wiesław Kukuła, General Commander of the Branches of the Polish Armed Forces also encouraged to participate in the program. – Over 11,000 Poles took advantage of the first edition of the program, it was an extremely valuable source of conclusions for us soldiers. (…) Almost every third of the participants asked how he could improve his competences in the field of combat, preparation for possible defense of himself, his family and the state without being permanently bound to the armed forces – he said.

– The program will be implemented in nearly 30 military units (…) in the practical part it will cover 14 days, they will be filled only with practical activities – he added. Gen. Kukuła pointed out that the program is aimed at people of all ages who cannot permanently join the army – both the elderly, professionally stable and having families, as well as younger people who have recently reached the age of majority and are still learning.

– It is for them that we organize this program during the holiday season. You have a unique chance to prove your adulthood in practice – put on a Polish Army soldier’s uniform for two weeks, take the military oath, and then return to your schools – he addressed the younger ones. As he stressed, after the training, the army will be ready to “employ anyone”, who, however, after the training decides to join him – through professional service or in WOT.

The first stage of training in May

According to the Ministry of National Defence, the first stage of the training, which will allow you to get to know the army and the unit, will start on May weekends: May 6-7 and May 13-14, while the actual training will take place between July 16-29 and August 6-19. The training is conducted based on the infrastructure of 30 military units throughout the country – the applicant can choose any of them.

“During the training, military units provide food, accommodation, equipment and insurance. In addition, each trainer is entitled to remuneration as a private reserve soldier (PLN 130 per day). The training ends with taking the military oath and entering the passive reserve of the Polish Army,” reads the Ministry’s statement. .

Main photo source: Twitter/MON

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