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Mariusz Błaszczak, head of the Ministry of National Defence, approved contracts for new vehicles for the Polish Army with the Polish Armaments Group

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On Monday, the Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak approved three contracts with the Polish Armaments Group for the supply of new equipment for the Polish Army. – They concern heavy infantry fighting vehicles, a new version of wheeled armored personnel carriers and light reconnaissance vehicles – informed the head of the Ministry of National Defense.

On Monday, at the headquarters of the Ministry of National Defense, the head of the ministry Mariusz Blaszczak approved three contracts with the Polish Armaments Group for new vehicles for the Polish Army. The agreements concern light reconnaissance vehicles, infantry fighting vehicles and wheeled armored personnel carriers.

Heavy infantry fighting vehicles

– All three deals that I approved are very important. The first one concerns the heavy infantry fighting vehicle. It is the implementation of an idea concerning the use of technology that was already in the possession of PGZ for the benefit of the Polish Army. We will acquire 700 infantry fighting vehicles, which will be constructed on the AHS Krab chassis, and we will mount an unmanned turret on it, which was developed and constructed in a consortium led by PGZ – explained the head of the Ministry of National Defense.

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The new version of Wolverine

As he pointed out, the second study concerns the new Rosomak wheeled armored personnel carrier. – When we look at history, this license has strengthened the Polish Army. Wolverines are a good product, but this license was not the best. There are some limitations when it comes to the possibilities of developing this product. We use the current KTO version, we ordered several dozen, we will order more soon. Despite this, we have taken up the challenge of developing a new version of this car – explained Minister Błaszczak.

As he assured, it will be an “export hit”. The previous license limited export opportunities, the new license eliminates these barriers. – We meet the needs of the Polish Army, but we want these products to be exported, because they are of interest to our allies – he stressed.

Armored vehicles

The third contract concerns reconnaissance vehicles. – We have ordered almost 400 units, which will be produced by the Rosomak plant in a very short time. The era of the Honkers goes down in history. We are introducing a proven vehicle, ready for use by the army in the shortest possible time – emphasized the head of the Ministry of National Defense.

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