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Mariusz Błaszczak: there will be no compulsory conscription, there will be voluntary basic military service

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We do not assume that compulsory conscription will be restored, said Mariusz Błaszczak, Minister of National Defense, when asked about this possibility at a press conference. He announced that voluntary essential military service would be introduced. It is to last a year. After it, you will be able to decide whether to become a professional soldier or go to the reserve.


Mariusz Błaszczak performed at a press conference with the deputy prime minister for security and PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński after the government meeting which adopted the draft law on the defense of the homeland.

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Błaszczak: we are introducing voluntary basic military service

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– We are introducing new concepts concerning forms of military service, and in addition to professional military service, we are introducing voluntary basic military service in addition to territorial military service. So we turn to young people, to those who have not yet decided about their future, to choose to serve in the Polish Army. We encourage them with the salary of the rank and file of the Polish Army, i.e. over PLN 4,000 gross, but due to the fact that the program is intended for young people, as a consequence of the adopted law exempting young people from income tax, the entire amount goes to soldier – said Błaszczak.

– A soldier serves for a year, and this service consists of two stages – added the head of the Ministry of National Defense. As he explained, the first stage is 28 days of basic training, followed by 11 months in service.

– If after a year this young man decides to serve in the Polish Army, he becomes a professional soldier. If not, he will choose another job in life, then we have a trained reservist – continued Błaszczak.

– We are also introducing the concept of an active reserve. Soldiers who are trained, who serve in the barracks once a quarter for one weekend, but who can join the army if the armed forces need it. It is an idea taken from the solutions used in the United States army – he added.

Błaszczak: we do not plan to restore compulsory consumption

Błaszczak was asked if the government was considering restoring compulsory conscription.

– We do not plan to restore compulsory consumption. We believe that through these various types of incentives, through various programs, we will persuade young people to serve in the Polish Army. I would like to remind you that we are maintaining territorial military service, so there is a whole range of possibilities to serve Poland, anyone who wants to can use it – he replied.

– And we want a certain change in the approach of young people to military service, a change consisting in the fact that service in the Polish Army is something distinguishing, that service in the Polish Army is an honor, that service is the word that means everything related to with the security of our homeland, continued the Minister of National Defense.

Błaszczak: we do not plan to restore compulsory consumption

Main photo source: Wojtek Jargiło / PAP

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