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Mariusz Kamiński and Mariusz Błaszczak conference on migrants. Bronisław Komorowski comments

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Former president Bronisław Komorowski commented in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24 on Monday’s conference of ministers Kamiński and Błaszczak on migrants on the border with Belarus. He stated that if the government “uses this kind of dirty method to dehumanize these people”, it “gives the worst testimony to itself”. He added that, in his opinion, “it will echo widely in the world, compromising Poland.”


On Monday it took place conference of the Minister of Interior and Administration and the Minister of National Defense. It presents materials which, it was reported, come from the mobile phones of detained immigrants and indicate their possible terrorist activity or connections with paramilitary organizations. In addition, services examining the identity and credibility of people staying in guarded centers were to identify evidence of pedophilic activity and evidence of zoophilia. OKO.press said on Tuesday, referring to the disclosed materials, that one of the photos that ministers showed was in fact a shot from an old recording available on the Internet.

Komorowski: by applying such methods, the authorities give themselves the worst testimony

Former president Bronisław Komorowski referred to this matter in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24. He stated that presenting such arguments as the one presented at the conference of ministers was to be a pretext for justifying the extension of the state of emergency in the eyes of the public.

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The third time, if they want to extend it, they will probably say that there is a threat of aliens. Because all this is unverifiable – he added.

– On the other hand, the power of the Polish state, if it uses this kind of dirty methods, dehumanizing these people (…), it gives itself the worst testimony – said Komorowski.

– I am convinced that it will have a wide impact in the world, compromising Poland – said the former president. At the same time, he added that “this authority, for short-term political purposes, such as polls, is willing to risk Poland’s opinion in the world and is also willing to risk making Poles inferior.”

Komorowski: the state in the PiS edition focused on showing ruthlessness

Komorowski also referred to Fr.the landing of migrants, including children, to Belarus.

– There is no good way out here. Somewhere, you have to look for a path between the ruthlessness of the state in combating political provocation on the part of Mr. Lukashenka, which pushes these unfortunates to the Polish border, and the natural need of Polish society, or at least part of it, to feel reasonably decent in the face of this misfortune – he said.

– It seems to me that what happened to these children deprives us of at least a small hope that we will get some comfort in the form of the Polish state, which would show a human face in this situation – he continued.

As he stated, “the state in the PiS edition focused on showing ruthlessness in the fight for people’s sense of security”.

Komorowski: it is the duty of the authorities to discharge social fears, not to play with them

Komorowski stated that “the authorities decided to manage once again, to some extent, the natural fear of all European societies of a violent, uncontrolled influx of foreigners”, thus referring to the migration crisis of 2015.

He emphasized, however, that it is the duty of the authorities to defuse social fears, not to play with them.

Komorowski: the state in the PiS edition focused on showing ruthlessnessTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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