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“Mariusz Kamiński welcomed in Radom”? What do we know about this movie

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Vulgarisms and screams heard from behind the prison walls – a recording of such scenes intended to show how Mariusz Kamiński was greeted by inmates at the Radom Remand Center has thousands of views online. Many Internet users doubt its authenticity. The Prison Service told Konkret24 that it “does not confirm the authenticity of the video”, but the incident itself does. We contacted the author of the film. Here’s what our findings show.

Mariusz Kamiński, a legally convicted Law and Justice politician, was detained in the Remand Center in Radom. According to information from an investigative journalist tvn24.pl Robert Zieliński this happened on Wednesday, January 10. Shortly afterwards, a video purporting to show how the inmates “welcomed” the former head of the Central Anticorruption Bureau began circulating on social media. The video has thousands of views and is on various profiles. 22 second version published on the X platform on the evening of January 11, over 380,000 were viewed. times. She had also appeared there a few minutes earlier longer, a version lasting just over half a minute – this one has been viewed over 14,000 times. times.

The recordings were made from behind the prison walls, after dark. In the distance you can see a tall building and its illuminated windows. The author of the recording is standing on a snow-covered road. From the illuminated windows you can clearly hear men’s screams and vulgar words: “fuck you f***”; “f*** him”; “fuck you Kaminski.” The film is similar to those published from time to time on the Internet, documenting the emotional, vulgar reactions of prisoners to the arrival of convicted pedophiles or child murderers. This prison custom is also practiced when former police officers or other uniformed services who fought crime are put behind bars.

Internet users: “What are the chances that it’s authentic?”; “What source?”; “Is this a real movie?”

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The video was published by different users on different platforms. Sometimes with subtitles saying “Kamiński welcomed in Radom”, but also without descriptions and shortened ones. In the comments, Internet users asked: “What are the chances that it is authentic?”; “What source?”; “Is this a real movie?” Many said the post and video were misleading: “This is an old fake”; “Manipulation”; “Why are you littering X with fakes?”; “Old video”; “Welcoming a pedophile from a few years ago. Manipulative!”; “Old recording, people, don’t swallow everything like pelicans” (original spelling of the posts).

The recording, described as being taken before the arrest in Radom, has thousands of viewsx.com, Instagram

The material gained popularity when X published it on January 11 Dominik Serwacki, who presents himself as an independent journalist and traveler. Recently, on X, he has been writing mainly about world conflicts and commenting on Polish politics. He also runs a Facebook page called “Pigułka Świat” with information and recordings about world events. However, Serwacki deleted his post with the recording from Radom (see below), but his post was preserved. archived version. Based on it, we know that the video has been viewed at least half a million times on his account.

PiS politicians reacted to the circulating film by attacking those in power. “You have beautiful allies @donaldtusk @Adbodnar @szymon_holownia @KosiniakKamysz and the rest. Clips for our local government campaign are spinning on their own,” he wrote Jacek Sasin. “Nothing unusual” – he commented alleged screams of prisoners directed to Kamiński Radosław Fogiel. He sarcastically recalled that the currently ruling coalition won the vote on October 15, 2023 in the Radom detention center.

Prison Service: “We do not confirm the authenticity of the video”

January 12 after 10 a.m. on the website o2.pl An article appeared about a controversial recording. The author of the text quoted the response of the Prison Service, which assured “that the personal safety of the person to whom the shouts of other convicts staying in the Remand Center in Radom were directed was and still is ensured” – and further wrote from himself: “which confirms that we are dealing with an authentic recording.

Three hours later, the portal Onet published a text about the famous recording; the lead read: “Obscene shouts were to accompany the detention of Mariusz Kamiński, former head of the CBA and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, in the Remand Center in Radom. This is according to a recording shared online by PiS politicians, including Jacek Sasin. The Prison Service confirms to us that that such a situation actually occurred and announces that those responsible will be punished. Dominik Serwacki referred to this article in his next post on the X platform – he wrote that the video he had previously published “turned out to be manipulation and edited!” “The prison is actually Radom, but… the soundtrack comes from a film recording the reactions of those sentenced to bringing a child murderer to prison in 2011. The post-production name of the former minister was added to the soundtrack. Maybe using AI programs? I don’t know why the prison service is confirmed, but after verifying the soundtrack, it was clearly modified,” he wrote (original spelling), apologizing. Some Internet users, however, pointed out that in the Onet text the Prison Service did not confirm the authenticity of the recording itself. After Serwacki’s entry, the message began to spread online that the recording was manipulated and a fake.

Screenshot of a now deleted post in which Serwacki informed that the film was manipulated

On January 12, Konkret24 sent questions to the Prison Service: does it confirm that Mariusz Kamiński was subjected to obscene shouting at himself in the Remand Center in Radom; if so – what steps did the SW take against the perpetrators of this event; whether the recording shows this particular situation; Is it true that SW confirmed the authenticity of this recording in a message sent to the Onet portal? In the response sent, the press spokesman of the Director General of the Prison Service wrote: “We would like to kindly inform you that the personal safety of the person to whom the shouts of other convicts staying in the Radom Remand Center were directed has been and continues to be ensured. As we have previously informed, the Prison Service is obliged to take all actions to ensure the personal safety of each inmate. In previous communications, we also informed that, in accordance with applicable regulations, on the first day after being accepted to serve a sentence, each inmate is informed that during his stay in prison he may encounter behaviors characteristic of criminal circles and just such an incident took place at the Remand Center in Radom. The Prison Service has developed appropriate procedures for action in the event of similar incidents. Inmates who were the ringleaders of behavior inconsistent with the regulations were selected and applications for disciplinary penalties were prepared against them. .

A similar statement was received by more websites that wrote about the recording, including Onet and O2. However, in the response to Konkret24 there was the following sentence: “We do not confirm the authenticity of the video, but we confirm the incident regarding the shouting.”

Author of the recording: “Please complete the set of recordings I recorded”

Meanwhile, several hours earlier – on January 11 – the user @TheRealMalpa he published a story on Instagram in which he showed a video already popular on the Internet with the inscription “Kamiński welcomed in Radom”, and on the X platform, under the publications of others with this video, he wrote that he was its author. On January 12, he published in X entries to support his claims by including two additional shorter videos that he allegedly recorded at the same time. “To everyone who doubts the authenticity of the recording, please provide a complete set of recordings that I recorded today at around 6:20 p.m. at the Remand Center in Radom,” wrote the Internet user.

When we noticed this, we asked the Prison Service once again (referring to these posts and the videos in them): “Can you hear the shouting of other convicts in the Radom Remand Center towards Mariusz Kamiński in the video?” . This time, the press spokesman for the Director General of the Prison Service replied: “The Prison Service is unable to confirm the authenticity of the published video or the date of its recording. Please contact the author of the video with this question.”

It’s definitely a prison in Radom

The video actually shows the Radom Remand Center located on the outskirts of the city. As we checked in Google Street View, the film was shot from a stone-covered road on the eastern side of the detention center. There are single-family houses and allotment gardens around.

View of the Remand Center in Radom from the recording and Google Maps@TheRealMalpa/Google Maps

Although the popular video was published in many places on the Internet, we did not find any publication before January 11. As for Internet users’ suggestions about the possible use of an archival soundtrack: we checked many materials on the Internet in which fellow prisoners welcome new arrivals. Although, of course, the profanities are repeated, we did not find any material in which the shouts sounded identical – but this does not prove that they could not have been superimposed.

While searching the web, we noticed that a user who posted an almost identical video to @TheRealMalpa on TikTok @trypalka. It is two seconds longer, in which at the end you can hear the man asking: “Can you go there?” Some TikTok users also did not believe in the authenticity of the material. “I wonder if it’s a fake”; “It’s not like that even in Radom”; “nice remake”; “Can you hear it so well from so far away?” – they wrote.

We contacted a user @TheRealMalpa. He chose not to introduce himself to us by name. His account goes like this: he is the author of the recording popular on the Internet. He claims that he lives near the Radom detention center and that on January 11 he was nearby with a friend – the one who has the @trypalka account on TikTok. They heard screams and Mariusz Kamiński’s name and decided to record it. The Internet user published the recording on his Snapchat account (he sent us a recording of the phone screen, he also published them on site X), and as a story on Instagram (the recording is already available only for him, we received a screenshot). Internet user @trypalka published his video on his TikTok account because it is of better quality. Everything was supposed to happen on January 11 after 6 p.m.

The author from the @TheRealMalpa account argues that the recording is authentic and that the soundtrack is original. The Snapchat recording shows the user’s location – Radom and the date January 11. This agrees with our findings from Google Street View.

We sent the materials received from the user @TheRealMalpa to Marcin Żukowski, a partner in the consulting company Nieagencja, which created, among others, the “Report a Troll” campaign to fight disinformation. The expert replied: “The publicly available data and the materials sent do not indicate that this is an inauthentic recording. It looks fine, real.” However, when asked about this video, the editorial team of Niebezpiecznik.pl – a website dealing with online security – replied that without a copy of the video it is difficult to definitively confirm the authenticity of this recording. We uploaded it as soon as we received it from the person claiming to be the author of the video. We did not receive verification from the portal for the publication of the text.

When asked for a comment, Wojciech Kardys, an expert in internet communication, wrote to us: “At first glance, I find it hard to believe in such ‘set-ups’, that someone, while walking, happens to come across such shouts near a prison. However, here the case is slightly different, we have time, geolocation, screenshots, someone would have to try very hard to mislead others. However, we only have one source of verification, which I consider insufficient in the times of the Internet.

Main photo source: Marcin Obara/PAP/Snapchat/x.com

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