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Mark Brzezinski appointed US ambassador to Poland – action plan, when will he appear in Poland? Ambassador’s interview with TVN24

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On Wednesday, at the White House, Mark Brzezinski was officially sworn in by US Vice President Kamala Harris as the new US ambassador to Poland. In an interview with the correspondent of “Fakty”, TVN Brzezinski said when he would come to Poland, who would fly with him and what his plans were in connection with the position taken. He also referred to the past when he lived in Poland for two years during the scholarship program.



Wednesday at the White House Mark Brzezinski was officially sworn in by US Vice President Kamala Harris as the new US ambassador to Poland. On December 18, the US Senate approved by acclamation Brzezinski’s nomination as ambassador to Poland. approved by acclamation by the US Senate.

The swearing-in of Marek Brzezinski in the White HouseTVN24

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Marcin Wrona, the correspondent of “Fakt” TVN, spoke to the new US ambassador to Poland in Washington. Mark Brzezinski spoke in an interview about when he will appear in Poland, who will come with him and what his plans are in connection with the position held and. He also referred to the past when he lived in Poland for two years during the scholarship program. We present the record of the entire interview:

Marcin Wrona: Mr. Ambassador, everything is packed? Are you ready for a flight to Warsaw?

Mark Brzezinski: I’m ready, Marcin, I’m very excited. It is extremely important to me that I will become the US ambassador to my father’s homeland. This means a lot to me, and I am grateful to President Biden.

Marcin Wrona: When are you going to Warsaw? When will you come to Poland?

Mark Brzezinski: I’m leaving on Thursday night.

Marcin Wrona: And you will take over your duties right away?

Mark Brzezinski: Actually, I’ve already started working. I was administratively sworn in at the State Department on December 22. So I have already had the opportunity and the opportunity to work on American-Polish relations. It was with great pleasure that I welcomed the beginning of my professional relationship with Marek Magierowski, the new Polish ambassador to Washington. And I think we have already managed to do a lot. I can’t wait to come to Warsaw.

Marcin Wrona: It is not simple and easy – pack up your whole life and move to another country on the other side of the Atlantic.

Mark Brzezinski: Of course not. This is the second time for me, previously I was an ambassador to Sweden in 2011. This is a major change. I am grateful to my family for their dedication, but on the other hand, I am already looking forward to coming to Poland. I am so excited about the beginning of my relationship with Poles and coming to Warsaw.

Mark Brzezinski about when he will come to PolandTVN24

Marcin Wrona: Who will fly with the Lord?

Mark Brzezinski: My sister Mika, my daughter Aurora and her babysitter Martha. We all fly together.

Marcin Wrona: So, can you count on support?

Mark Brzezinski: This is.

Marcin Wrona: Mika constantly writes about your trip to Poland in her social media. She is so proud!

Mark Brzezinski: We’re all excited. It means so much to us, it means so much personally. For all of us, my sister Mika, my brother Ian, for us, Poland was like the Pole Star, like a goal in our professional careers, which we pursued in various ways. Therefore, the possibility of coming to Poland and being there, especially as a personal representative of President Biden, is of such great personal importance to us. We are all thankful, we are all excited.

Marcin Wrona: I think about your father all the time. He would be very proud. He’s been wanting this for the Lord for years. I know it well. And now that’s what’s happening.

Mark Brzezinski: Marcin, I will share a little secret with you. He was convinced that such a thing would never happen.

Mark Brzezinski: He thought so. Of course, things turned out differently, but in his opinion, according to someone who was thrown on American soil from Poland, it was not possible for someone with Polish roots to be sent as the US ambassador to Poland. I know that he looks at us from above …

Marcin Wrona: We are now in a very significant place. You asked to meet and talk right here. Please tell us why?

Mark Brzezinski: Exactly. This is a sculpture by my mother, Emile Benes-Brzeziński. This is the Federal Reserve Bank, across the street from the White House, and the sculpture is called “The Flying Arch.” For me, it symbolizes all that our family was striving for. To spread my wings, catch that opportunity and fly. This is a true American story. That’s why I asked Marcin to meet you here.

Mark Brzezinski presents a sculpture of his motherTVN24

Marcin Wrona: A wonderful sculpture …

Mark Brzezinski: We are also very proud of my mother. For many, my father is the most famous representative of our family, but my mother, a Washington artist, was his rock and support. People don’t know it, and they should.

Marcin Wrona: Exactly. Thank you very much for meeting us at this place. This is not your first long stay in Poland. You come back to Poland after many years, but you were there once on a research scholarship.

Mark Brzezinski: You are absolutely right and I would like to say that (at this point Mark Brzezinski is starting to speak Polish – ed.) I must thank President Biden. It is a great honor for me. This is a special moment for me and my family, and I think of my father especially at that moment. I lived in Poland thirty years ago and I am very happy to be able to go back there. Thirty years ago I was on the Fullbright scholarship in Warsaw. I studied the transformation of constitutionalism in post-communist Poland. I lived on Tamka Street in Warsaw next to Chopin’s house, wrote a book and studied the language. Ladies and gentlemen, please remember that it was thirty years ago, so my Polish language is not perfect and I have to practice it. The most important thing then was that I had the opportunity to see how the American embassy works. It was impressive. We now have many opportunities in Poland. I am ready to come. Long live Poland, see you soon and thank you.

Mark Brzezinski on the nomination: it is a great honor for me

Mark Brzezinski on the nomination: it is a great honor for meTVN24

Marcin Wrona: I have to ask two more questions – first of all, your Polish is excellent. Why do I speak English at all?

Mark Brzezinski: Thank you very much Marcin, I did not think that I would deserve such praise on such a morning. It is too cold to speak Polish.

Marcin Wrona: Ambassador Victor Ashe …

Mark Brzezinski: A good friend…

Marcin Wrona: He traveled, he had a map, I saw that map in his basement in Knoxville, he had thumbtacks pinned there with all the towns and villages he had visited. Will you be an ambassador staying in Warsaw, or rather traveling and visiting various places?

Mark Brzezinski: The guidelines from President Biden are clear. Ambassadors are to go outside the walls of the embassy and travel around the country. I can’t wait to do this anymore. I lived in Poland for two years and traveled a bit of Poland, and now I can’t wait to visit each of the Polish regions. Me and our team at the embassy have a lot of travel plans, and I plan to visit every corner of Poland. I am extremely excited about this possibility, I look forward to coming to Poland to meet Poles and to start strengthening our special friendship.

Marcin Wrona: I will end with a very controversial question. Do you prefer dumplings or stuffed cabbage?

Mark Brzezinski: Dumplings without a doubt!

The entire conversation between Marcin Wrona and the new US ambassador to Poland, Marek Brzezinski

The entire conversation between Marcin Wrona and the new US ambassador to Poland, Marek BrzezinskiTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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