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Friday, October 22, 2021

Martin Mycielski (Beetroot Juice) prosecuted by the European Investigation Order for a tweet about Jarosław Kaczyński

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Martin Mycielski, a board member of the Open Dialog Foundation and administrator of the popular profile Sok z Buraka on social media, announced on Wednesday that he was called to the police station in Brussels, where he was questioned for an hour and a half. The basis for the activities of the Belgian police was the European Investigation Order issued by the Polish authorities. Reason? The entry on Twitter that PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński did not like.

“It happened. I am being prosecuted personally by J. Kaczyński with the European Investigation Order for ‘lowering public confidence’ in him and causing a potential drop in support for PiS. A tweet. Not mine” – Martin Mycielski, a board member of the Open Dialog Foundation in Brussels, founder of the international Committee for the Defense of Democracy and administrator of the Sok z Buraka Facebook profile.


The dispute over the tweet

In a video posted on Wednesday on Facebook, Mycielski explained that he had been called to the police station in Brussels, where he was interrogated for an hour and a half. As he claims, the Belgian police acted on the basis of the European Investigation Order issued by the Polish judiciary. The reason for his release – as he said – was the testimony given by President Kaczyński.

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The END is a mechanism of legal cooperation between European Union countries in criminal matters. It is based on the principle of mutual recognition whereby each EU Member State is obliged to recognize and execute other countries’ requests as if the request came from its own authorities.

– In what case was this mechanism activated? Based on a case conducted by the economic crime department of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw. A briefcase, case files, about one hundred pages were sent to Belgium. All these files went to the police station in Brussels here. On this basis, I was questioned – explained Mycielski.

As he said, the case has been going on since January 2021. Reason? Tweet, published on January 5 on the Sok z Buraka profile: “Hello PiS, why did Kaczynski get vaccinated outside the queue?”

Tweet posted on the Juice of Buraka profile on January 5Twitter / SokzBuraka

Testimony of the PiS president

On January 11, Jarosław Kaczyński was to personally submit a notification to the prosecutor’s office, demanding that the author of the entry be prosecuted. – The content of the tweet contains, according to the aggrieved party, untrue information by presenting the aggrieved party as a person who, while performing a public function, gains personal benefits and thus exposes him to loss of trust needed to perform political activities – says Mycielski in the video, citing documents presented to him by the Belgian Police. As he added, Kaczyński attached a screenshot with a tweet to the notification.

As Mycielski informed, referring to the case files, on February 22, Kaczyński was questioned as a witness. The PiS president was to deny that the situation described in the tweet took place.

According to Kaczyński, the entry on Twitter exposed him to “losing the trust needed to perform the activity of holding a parliamentary mandate, the function of deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers and the function of the chairman of the PiS party”, by accusing him of “using his public functions to gain personal gain, consisting in vaccinating himself in violation of the provisions regulating the order of vaccination “- said Mycielski, referring to the case files.

In an e-mail to tvn24.pl, he wrote: “The President of Poland personally informed the prosecutor’s office about a tweet, which, in his opinion, exposed him to a ‘decline in public confidence’, not re-election to the party and the Sejm authorities, and – horror! – a drop in PiS ratings. On the other hand, the prosecutor’s office investigated the case ex officio because of the “public interest” and released the European Investigation Order after me, under which I was questioned by the police in Brussels. It hurt the president so much that he could be accused of “gross violation of moral rules”. as he himself put it in his testimony “.

Juice from Buraka is a social media fanpage operating since 2013, where memes and graphics that are critical and mocking about PiS and the so-called “good change” are published. The profile was taken over by the Open Dialog and Mycielski Foundation in April 2021, three months after the entry under the case appeared. – Yes, I was the editor of Juice on Facebook at the time, but I had nothing to do with Twitter at the time – emphasized Mycielski.

Main photo source: Radek Pietruszka / PAP

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