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Martyna Wojciechowska and Bedoes 2115 in the social campaign of the Martyna Wojciechowska foundation. “Say it out loud” spot

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The campaign of the social project “Young Heads” by Martyna Wojciechowska’s Unaweza Foundation has started. Rapper Bedoes took part in the spot “Say it loud”, which is intended to encourage young people to talk about problems. “I was also once the main character of this movie,” writes the founder of the 2115 label.

In the film “Say it out loud” we see a young man who came home from school. We hear his internal monologue, which at some point is interrupted by Bedoes 2115, or rather his head (hidden in his backpack). The rapper and founder of the 2115 label encourages the main character to talk about his thoughts to his mother. The creators of the spot assure that its abstract and slightly humorous nature is intended to attract young people’s attention to the topic of mental health. The idea is simple: say it out loud, because a real conversation is more powerful than just a comment – I took part in this project because it is very close to my heart. I hope it reaches all the places it needs to go and that we do a lot of good with this campaign. I would like similar things to happen when I went to school – says Bedoes 2115. The rapper posted the spot on his Instagram. “I was also once the main character of this film. If you watch it and feel like him, if you see even one similarity, then know that there is hope for us and we will be able to win against any f***. Let it not be another video which you scroll through – talk to your loved ones. This is not just bullshit – you can do it,” he wrote.

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Bedoes in the Unaweza campaign

Bedoes 2115 has been an ambassador of the “Młode Główy” project from the beginning. For years, he has been openly talking about struggling with mental problems. – This is an important voice of the young generation. He talks honestly about his path through crises and that reaching for help is, quote, “no embarrassment.” In our film, he is just himself, he does not play a role, he says in his own words that conversation has power and that it is always worth talking – says Martyna Wojciechowska, head of the Unaweza Foundation. According to the journalist, the state of mental health of young people in Poland is alarming: every third young person feels lonely, and every tenth says that there is no one they can trust. – We know from our research and report that it is still difficult for them to talk openly about problems. Shame and fear of rejection make them often reluctant to seek help even in very crisis situations. They do not believe that they will be heard, they are afraid of being judged. That is why acceptance and support from adults are so important. And this is the goal of our campaign: to encourage both children and parents to talk openly about mental health, says Wojciechowska. The host of the program “The Woman at the End of the World” she wrote on Instagram to her followers: “Remember that you are not alone – there is always someone who wants to help you. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help, because it means that you take care of yourself and your emotional health. This can be difficult, but try to say it out loud! Go to www.mlodeglowy.pl and find out how to help or how to get help.

“Young Heads” is a project of the Unaweza Foundation, which aims to improve the mental health of young people. In April 2023, the foundation published a report on the mental condition of young people in Poland (based on a study involving 184,000 students aged 10-19). It shows that every third young person in Poland is suspected of depression. Four out of ten have thought about taking their own life, and every tenth has attempted suicide. The Foundation provides support to young people through its website, and in schools it implements the “Hour for Young Heads” preventive program. The “Say it out loud” spot is the next stage of the program. Karol Kołodziński is responsible for its direction, and Igor Połaniewicz, represented by Papaya Roster, is responsible for the cinematography. The production was created as part of the 10th anniversary edition of Papaya New Directors. This is a competition that distinguishes a new generation of creators producing various forms of video – such as social campaigns, documentaries, advertising films and music videos.

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