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Martyna Wojciechowska from the end of the world reminds us of the heroines of Ukraine

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“Greetings from the end of the world!” – wrote Martyna Wojciechowska. Together with the crew, she flew to the United States to shoot a new episode of the 15th edition of the program “Woman at the End of the World”. She encouraged people to watch “What if the war ends tomorrow”, a documentary about sexual violence during the war in Ukraine. “It’s a difficult topic, but something that needs to be talked about loudly,” he argues.

“We are in San Francisco and working on the first photos for the 15th anniversary season of the program “Woman at the End of the World”. It’s intense, but we want to collect the best possible material for the episode. A little nap next to the suitcases regenerates well 😉,” wrote Martyna Wojciechowska on Instagram. She included several photos from the set, including her sleeping on suitcases.

She also recalled that it was a documentary film “What if the war ends tomorrow?” can now be watched in Player. The documentary directed by Martyna Wojciechowska and Hanna Jewsiewicka tells the stories of Ukrainian women raped and tortured during the war. It premiered on December 3 at the Watch Dogs festival.

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A film by Martyna Wojciechowska

Iryna, Galyna, Yulia, Ludmyla were in Russian captivity. They took Iryna from her home in Donetsk in 2014, Ludmyla was “arrested” in 2019, Yulia in 2021, Galyna in 2022. They were tortured and raped, but they survived and want to continue living. They don’t want to be called victims, they call themselves survivors. In the film, they tell what happened to them because they want the world to know about the atrocities that happen almost every day in the heart of Europe. There are still thousands of Ukrainian women in Russian captivity. – I was standing in the main square, seeing photos of the heroes of this war. I realized that I was only looking at photos of men. And these were really thousands of photos of thousands of heroes. It’s as if we completely forgot that there are also thousands of women who are heroines of this war and that’s how we should talk and think about them, said Wojciechowska on TVN24, recalling her visit to Kiev. She reminded that sexual violence is used as a weapon in war like any other. The traveler dedicated one of her Instagram posts to Iryna Dovgan, one of the heroines of the documentary, who says in the film: “Look at me. What kind of heroine am I? What are you talking about? I’m an ordinary woman.” Dovgan talks openly about what she experienced and, together with SEMA Ukraine, helps women who were raped during the war. “The Russians use violence as a weapon to destroy us. If you are strong, if you can do it, you will become a weapon that will work against them,” she repeats to each of them.

“Iryna is one of the most caring people I have ever met. Animals that needed help also found shelter in her house. She is a warm person with a big heart. And despite her difficult experiences in the past, she still smiles,” writes Wojciechowska . She adds that a fundraiser is underway on the website unaweza.org for the SEMA organization and women who experienced sexual violence during the war.

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