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Martyna Wojciechowska in Brazil shoots the next episodes of “Women at the End of the World”

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On the road again! The crew of the ‘Woman at the End of the World’ program ready for action in Brazil! – announced Martyna Wojciechowska on Instagram. Work on the next, 14th season of the program started at the end of last year. This time the team will visit, among others, Nigeria, Panama and Alaska. Two episodes have already been recorded. We will see them on TVN in the fall.

The heroine of the episode recorded in Brazil will be a woman with a big heart. “We are in a house full of love, where, in addition to many excluded people, there are also … 12 dogs and cats for company! All animals rescued from the street,” Wojciechowska wrote in the picture with the dog Pingo. By the way, she appealed to fans to consider adopting a dog from a shelter, and when they decide to buy a purebred puppy, they always checked the breeder.

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“Woman at the End of the World” returns after a year

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Martyna Wojciechowska’s travel program appeared on TVN in 2009. Last season, it was not in the schedule, which was decided by the traveler herself. She explained the reasons in a statement she published on her social media in August last year.

“I made this decision many months ago. For the first time in over 25 years, I decided to take a break from recording for television. Therefore, this fall, Dear Viewers, unfortunately you will not watch the new season of the show “Woman at the End of the World”. Forgive me for that. There are things in life important and more important. For me, my loved ones have always been the most important, it was time to focus on them, give them all my presence and attention, “wrote the journalist.

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She explained that the production of the program takes several months and starts at the beginning of the year. “This time I stayed at home. Simply. Being on the road, to the ends of the world and making documentaries is still my greatest passion. I have not exhausted the topics, there are still many inspiring women’s stories to tell. I hope you will wait for me” – she added .

Why did Martyna Wojciechowska take a break?

Fans linked the suspension of a media career with problems in the journalist’s personal life. In July 2021, Wojciechowska confirmed that she had parted ways with the presenter Przemysław Kossakowski (whom she married nine months earlier). “After 3 years of relationship and 3 months after the wedding, my marriage ended overnight. This sudden change was a great surprise for me, because responsibility, commitment and the given word are and will always be my overriding values. My decision to get married was deeply thought out and I took it very seriously,” Wojciechowska wrote on Instagram.

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The couple divorced last summer. “I took the best possible approach, I thought, and I was going to stick to it. Because it was also about stabilizing my daughter, whom I am raising alone after her father’s death, and responsibility and the given word are and will always remain my overriding values,” said Wojciechowska in in an interview with the magazine “Pani”. She added that “it wasn’t her who changed her mind.”

Martyna Wojciechowska and the report on children’s mental health

On April 17, the UNAWEZA Foundation, run by Wojciechowska, published the report “Young Heads. Opening up about mental health”. It shows, among others, that every third child in Poland does not have the will to live, and over 80 percent of respondents in a troublesome situation do not find a solution.

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