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Marywilska 44. Almost 1,400 shops under the collapsed roof of the center. “We estimate the number of injured people in thousands”

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The fire at the Marywilska 44 shopping center in Warsaw's Białołęka district is a tragedy for small entrepreneurs who ran their businesses there. The complex belonging to the Mirbud group included nearly 1,400 stores whose tenants are people of 14 nationalities. “A terrible tragedy for thousands of merchants and their families. The fire means great financial losses for merchants and a loss of source for a long period of time,” comments the Association of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs.

The Marywilska 44 shopping center belongs to the company of the same name, whose majority shareholder is the Mirbud SA group listed on the stock exchange.

It was in this facility that a fire broke out on Sunday morning, during which the roof of the building collapsed. Fighting the fire may take firefighters up to several hours. Nothing happened to anyone.

Fire at the Marywilska 44 shopping center. How many stores were inside?

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According to the Mirbud activity report, there are a total of 1,348 commercial premises in the shopping center, the area of ​​which ranges from 20 to 1,870 square meters. Half of the stores located in the hall have fashion-related offers. Among other establishments, the largest group are those offering various services (10 percent), children's products (6 percent) and groceries (5 percent). 3 percent of the establishments dealt with gastronomy – the same number offered interior design products.

The usable area of ​​the entire shopping center is 62,000 square meters. Together with the smaller Marywilska 44 retail park built in 2017, the entire complex has 74,000 square meters of usable space.

In addition to the facility in Warsaw's Białołęka, Mirbud also has other businesses: including a retail pavilion in Starachowice and a retail park in Rumia. Recently, the company has also been operating in the rental of warehouse and logistics properties. At the turn of 2020 and 2021, the company purchased a complex of six halls on the S7 route between Warsaw and Gdańsk.

The Mirbud Group boasts in its activity report that “its commercial success is certainly the development of a group of loyal customers who return regularly to Marywilska.”

Vietnamese entrepreneurs: a tragedy for thousands of merchants and their families

“For many customers, the variety of goods is important – tenants represent 14 nationalities. Of course, customers also come back here due to the very favorable ratio of the quality of the goods offered to the price, because the competition in the MARYWILSKA 44 Shopping Center is huge. Tenants sell their products mainly through the independent channel: wholesalers , retail outlets,” we read in the company's document.

The Association of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs commented on the fire on Facebook. “The Marywilska 44 shopping center, where thousands of Vietnamese and Polish merchants run their business, is burning down. A terrible tragedy for thousands of merchants and their families. The fire means great financial losses for merchants and the loss of their source for a long period of time. As an organization, we are monitoring the development of the situation,” the association reported.

The next entry informed that the Association of Vietnamese in Poland, the Association of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs in Poland and other Vietnamese organizations meet on Sunday at 20 to determine the possibilities of help for the injured.

As Karol Hoang, spokesman for the Association of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs in Poland, told PAP, as a result of the fire, “almost the entire hall was destroyed.” “There are 1,400 shops on Marywilska Street, with small, family businesses dominating, so we estimate the number of injured people in thousands. There are Poles, Vietnamese and Turks there, as well as a multinational community,” he noted.

Monika Beuth, spokeswoman for the capital city hall, said that the city is kept informed about the situation. – The capital's security center is constantly in contact with the services. We are ready if any support is needed, she emphasized.

When asked about helping merchants, she replied that “it will be necessary.” – The first task is to secure the area, extinguish the fire, and from tomorrow we will meet and talk about how the city can support merchants – she added.

According to Money.pl, the Marywilska 44 company achieved sales revenue of PLN 61 million in 2023. Revenues increased by 12 percent compared to 2022, or PLN 6.65 million. The profit from sales in 2023 amounted to almost PLN 23.5 million.

Main photo source: PAP/Leszek Szymański

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