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Masovia. WKD trains will change the track. There will be a new schedule

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From Monday, trains of the Warsaw Commuter Railway on the section between Podkowa Leśna and Grodzisk Mazowiecki will run on one track (towards Warsaw). The timetable will change from Wednesday.

WKD explained that the transfer of passenger train traffic to the rebuilt track No. 2 is associated with the expansion of railway line No. 47 on the Podkowa Leśna Główna – Grodzisk Mazowiecki Radońska route.

Railway workers appeal for caution

All new platforms located on the right side of track No. 2 (looking towards Warsaw) will be opened for passenger service. Track No. 1 previously used for passenger traffic (right track towards Grodzisk Mazowiecki) along with all platforms located on its right side (Podkowa Leśna Zachodnia, Kazimierówka, Brzózki, Grodzisk Maz. Okrętżna, Grodzisk Maz. Piaskowa, Grodzisk Maz. Jordanowice) is closed until further notice so that finishing works can be carried out.

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“Due to the introduction of changed traffic organization, in both directions only on track No. 2 (right track towards Warsaw), we kindly ask all travelers to be particularly careful when moving within the platforms as well as in their immediate vicinity,” the railway workers appeal.

There will be a new schedule

The WKD train timetable on October 30-31 (Monday-Tuesday) remains unchanged. However, from November 1 (Wednesday), a new, temporary timetable for trains and replacement bus services will come into force.

Railway workers promise that WKD will run on two tracks again in January. Trains to Milanówek will start in the new year. “This will be possible thanks to the commissioning of turnouts near the Podkowa Leśna Zachodnia stop,” WKD informed.

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Works at the Warszawa Zachodnia stationArtur Węgrzynowicz/tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz, tvnwarszawa.pl

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