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Masovian. Inspections in a nursing home in Konstancin. The governor sent a notification to the prosecutor’s office

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The Mazowieckie Voivode filed a notification about the possibility of committing a crime in a private nursing home in Konstancin near Warsaw. The case is also being investigated by the National Labor Inspectorate and the Sanepid. The identified irregularities include tying up residents, lack of documentation and qualified personnel. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

The regional labor inspectorate arrived for the inspection at the nursing home in Konstancin Jeziorna, assisted by the police, the day after the employees of the sanepid. – In situations where there is a suspicion of obstructing the entrance to the facility, labor inspectors usually use police officers – says senior labor inspector Przemysław Worek from the District Labor Inspectorate in Warsaw.

Inspections of the European Center for Care for the Elderly (ECODOS) took place at the request of the Mazowieckie Voivodship Office. The first reports of irregularities in the care of residents were received by the voivode in the second half of November 2022. According to information from his press office – they were sent by the daughter of a former resident of the facility.

We see no reason to hide anything. All actions aimed at discrediting our center were set up and fabricated – says the coordinator of the ECODOS nursing home in Konstancin-Jeziorna, Michał Uziak.

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Inspections in a nursing home in Konstancin

On the basis of reports of irregularities in the ECODOS care home, the employees of the office carried out two ad hoc inspections, during which they found a number of irregularities. It’s about shortages in qualified personnel, lack of documentation, lack of medical recommendations and drug management – and not keeping order. Officials also found “unjustified security by tying the waist of a resident in a wheelchair.”

The governor sent a notification to the prosecutor’s officeShutterstock

Michał Uziak, when informed about the existence of photos showing how one of the patients is tied up, replies: “This is a patient who, so to speak, is sometimes hyperactive, and her hyperactivity manifests itself only in the fact that she walks a lot.”

She had trouble with it before. After rehabilitation, the girl regained strength in herself, the will to live, she began to walk more. It happened to her that after 15 minutes of walking she would sit in a wheelchair and suddenly lose the film, states Michał Uziak. “But she was never tied down in any way that was derogatory to the dignity of the patient and the human being. Because the photos you saw on the internet, the situation was fabricated, i.e. prepared by two people – he adds.

Notification to the prosecutor’s office regarding the nursing home in Konstancin

The voivode’s press office informs that “taking into account the irregularities found”, “the Mazowiecki voivode sent a notification to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Piaseczno about the possibility of committing a crime of improper care for dependents, which may threaten their health and life”. – The voivode should first check the qualifications of his employees – replies Michał Uziak.

The charges to whom journalists were admitted by the nursing home coordinator did not talk about any serious irregularities. What the Mazowieckie voivode’s office said is also denied by a babysitter working in Konstancin. “Never in my life have I ever hurt any of my patients and I certainly wouldn’t let it happen,” assures Agnieszka Brycińska.

One of the former carers at the nursing home has a different opinion. – I was worried about the lack of basic medicines. People there were sick, infected, coughing, with runny noses – the woman says anonymously. – There was no cough syrup, no painkillers, no antipyretics, nothing at all. The elderly caretaker categorically told us not to bathe, because baths are only once every two weeks – she adds.

Author:Maria Mikolajewska, Piotr Jeziorowski

Main photo source: Shutterstock

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