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Masovian. Modern speed cameras will be installed in 26 locations. Where will they be? What can they do?

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Modern speed cameras will replace the oldest and most used devices. They will be erected in 26 locations in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. The contractors have until the end of this year to complete the entire equipment replacement process. What can new speed cameras do?

– We are replacing a total of 247 devices throughout the country, 19 Mesta Fusion speed cameras and 7 Multaradars will be installed in Mazovia – said Monika Niżniak, GITD press secretary in an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl.

The Mesta Fusion speed camera will appear in the following towns: Antonie, Bogate, Czaplinek, Dzierżenin, Gójsk, Kacice, Kadzidło, Kołbiel, Kozienice, Łąck, Miodne, Paprotnia, Radzyminek, Sterdyń, Węgrzynowo, Wola Kiełpińska, Wólka Czarnińska, and Załuzie. Multaradar, on the other hand, will be built in Warsaw at Aleja Świętych and in the following towns: Chorzele, Dobrołęka, Myszyniec, Ojrzeń, Przasnysz Rudzienko.

What can the new speed cameras do?

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Both types of devices are modern and have an increased operating range. They record, for example, in which lane the offense occurred, they can set separate speed limits for each lane.

What’s the difference between the new speed cameras? – The manufacturer of Mesta Fusion indicates that it is a device that is able to track 32 vehicles simultaneously, on up to eight lanes. For us, the most important issues are the parameters that are necessary to conduct cases against the perpetrators of offenses – explains the GITD spokeswoman. The Mesta Fusion speed camera performs the measurement and automatically assigns its speed to each vehicle, saves the lane in which the car is moving and its license plates. The device also distinguishes between a truck and a passenger vehicle.

– Mesta Fusion devices take measurements with a very high quality camera. The driver of the vehicle is clearly visible. They also have to cope with both good and bad weather conditions as well as high and low temperatures – adds Monika Niżniak.

Multiradars are also able to track several vehicles at the same time, but this is done on 6 lanes. – Tracking means measuring the speed of vehicles in several lanes at the same time. Evidence is collected and collected only when the speed is exceeded by the car – adds the spokeswoman.

Preparation for action

The devices will be successively installed and put into operation. – After the physical assembly, the contractor has to fulfill a number of other obligations. He must notify us that he is ready to pick up the device. Later, we switch such a device to test mode, we check whether it correctly registers violations, what quality the photos are, and whether it contacts the system correctly. If we have no objections, we switch such a device to the infringement registration mode. This can take a while, sometimes it is a few days, sometimes a dozen – explains Niżniak.

The contractors have until the end of this year to complete the entire equipment replacement process.

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Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz/tvnwarszawa.pl

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