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Masovian. The priest was pressing the student to the pew and shouting. Recording. There’s an indictment

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The District Prosecutor’s Office in Przasnysz announced an indictment against a clergyman who allegedly violated the bodily integrity of a 15-year-old student during religion lessons in a school and educational center in one of the towns in Mazowieckie. As the investigators revealed, the catechist reacted with aggression because the student claimed that “God does not exist” and did not want to color the picture.

“In the course of the investigation, it was established that on December 9, 2022, Father Rafał K. taught a religion class in one of the classes at the Special Educational Center […]. The catechist had a conversation with the students on religious topics. He gave the students a picture with the figure of Jesus and told them to color it. In return, the students were to receive sweets. This picture was also given to the student […] The boy refused to color the picture. He said God doesn’t exist and he doesn’t believe in God. He used vulgar words. The priest reacted aggressively. He used physical force against the student, pressed the boy’s head to the bench top, twisted his hands, pressed his neck with his forearm, hit his stomach with his knee, “we read in the communication of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Białołęka.

As stated further, based on the collected evidence, it allowed the man to be charged with violating the student’s bodily integrity. “The priest pleaded not guilty to the alleged act and refused to give explanations,” the prosecutor’s office said. And she reminded that “the crime of violation of bodily integrity is punishable by a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to one year”.

Shocking video from religion class

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We described the case on tvnwarszawa.pl in December last year. On Kontakt 24 we received a video showing the incident. It took place in a school and educational center in Mazovia (out of concern for the well-being of children, we disclose the names of the towns). The facility takes care of children with intellectual disabilities, provides early development support and therapy for autistic children. We received the recording from the mother of one of the teenagers studying there. The girl registered them surreptitiously.

In the video, shot during the lesson, we hear: – Apologize – says the priest to one of the students, at the same time pressing him to the school desk. “I’m not sorry,” replied the student. “Apologise to God,” the priest continues, twisting the boy’s arms. “Never,” replies the teenager. Then the priest announces: we are going to the director. This video ends there.

The management suspended, the curia apologized

The management then informed about the suspension of the catechist and reported the matter to the police. The Mazowieckie Kuratorium Oświaty was notified about the case. For the behavior of the priest the Curia of the Diocese of Płock apologized.

Main photo source: Contact 24

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