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Masovian Voivodeship. Adamów. The bus was burning in the pond. The driver was in the water. Firefighters’ action

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Firefighters carried out an operation in the Grodzisk district. A car was on fire in one of the ponds. When they arrived, it turned out that there was a person in need of help, partly in the water and partly on the ice. Firefighters rescued the injured person, who was then taken to hospital.

We received the first information about the incident on Kontakt 24. “There was a bus in the pond. The car was on fire. Firefighters pulled out a man in a serious condition from the pond. Several units from the fire brigade in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, policemen from Grodzisk Mazowiecki and an ambulance were on site,” the Internet user wrote.

The services actually intervened in the Grodzisk district. At 4:38 a.m., firefighters received a report about a burning delivery vehicle in Adamów. Two fire brigade units were dispatched to the site. After arrival, the report was confirmed. Firefighters’ actions in the first phase were difficult due to the reservoir being fenced with barbed wire.

The injured person was in the water

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– The firefighters’ actions included securing and lighting the scene of the incident. The driver was in the water. It was partially submerged in the pond and partially on the ice. Reaching it was difficult due to brittle ice and drifting ice sheets. Contact was difficult – described the situation by aspirant Krzysztof Stefaniak from the fire brigade in Grodzisk Mazowiecki.

The injured person was evacuated and taken to a safe place. He was handed over to the emergency medical team. – As a result of the incident, the injured driver was taken to hospital with burns and hypothermia – added Stefaniak.

One of the firefighters who evacuated the injured person from the water suffered a hand injury. – He was taken to the Emergency Department. The examination revealed a minor hand injury and the firefighter returned to duty, Stefaniak clarified.

The car burned completely

Firefighters simultaneously extinguished the burning car that was in the water. According to the firefighter, the Peugeot car was completely burned. No other people were found in the vehicle.

The police were also on site to investigate the causes of the incident.

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Main photo source: TVN24 archive

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