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Masovian Voivodeship. He shot a policeman. After serving his sentence, he is suspected again. This time for murder

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He was less than 20 years old when he grabbed a revolver from a policeman and shot him several times. The uniformed officer miraculously survived. The convicted man has already been released from prison, but he will appear in court again. This time he is suspected of murder.

At the beginning of October, a man with a gunshot wound was found at Kilińskiego Street in Żyrardów. Despite resuscitation, he could not be saved. According to the services, the deceased had a previous criminal record.

Shots from close range

– The preliminary autopsy shows that the victim died as a result of massive hemorrhage from two gunshot wounds – says prosecutor Małgorzata Szeroczyńska from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Żyrardów.

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Our unofficial information shows that the bullets passed through the victim’s body, which suggests that the shots were fired from close range.

A few days later in Żyrardów again the sound of a gun was heard.

– On Okrzei Street, police officers were carrying out activities in connection with an incident involving the discovery of a man with a gunshot wound. The police used their service weapons. No one was injured during these activities, reported Patrycja Sochacka, spokeswoman for the District Police Headquarters in Żyrardów.

Charges and arrest

During the operation, officers detained two men, aged 31 and 40.

– The District Court in Żyrardów applied a preventive measure in the form of temporary arrest for a period of three months against two people who were charged with committing murder together and in concert – informs prosecutor Małgorzata Szeroczyńska.

The men face up to life imprisonment.

As we found out, Sebastian S., the older of the suspects, has already been convicted once – for attempted murder, also using a firearm.

He grabbed the gun and shot the policeman three times

Dramatic events took place on the night of May 31 to June 1, 2002, also in Żyrardów. Approximately 3 two policemen from Pruszków were taking their policewoman friend home. The officers were off duty and driving a private car.

On Kapitana Pałaca Street, in front of the block where the policewoman lived, a group of people allegedly threw bricks at their car, and a brawl broke out.

The policemen were pulled out of the car and severely beaten. The attackers took away his service weapon from one of them and shots were fired. A 30-year-old sergeant was seriously injured.

– He was shot at least twice. The bullet was removed from his spine. The operation was carried out in Żyrardów, now the policeman is in a hospital in Warsaw – informed the then police commander in Żyrardów, junior inspector Jan Ciesielski, right after the incident.

It later turned out that the policeman had been shot three times.

Detained in the apartment, charged with attempted murder

Within a few hours, the police arrested the attackers. The woman in the apartment, and the other participants of the attack near the scene of the shooting. The weapons taken from the police were also recovered.

A total of eight people aged 19 to 27 were charged in connection with the attack on police officers. The most serious charge concerned the attempted murder of a policeman, committed by Sebastian S., then almost 20 years old.

Shots to the head, chest and stomach

In December 2003, the defendants were sentenced in the District Court in Płock.

Sebastian S. was found guilty of beating and of “acting with the intention of directly taking his life” and shot the policeman three times in the area of ​​the face, chest and stomach with the gun he had previously snatched from the policeman.

Additionally, he was convicted of taking a police revolver and hiding the other perpetrators of the attack in the apartment, as well as covering up traces of the incident.

The court sentenced him to a total penalty of 12 years’ imprisonment, which was appealed by Sebastian S.’s defense attorney.

In September 2004, the Court of Appeal in Warsaw, applying Article 60 of the Penal Code regarding “extraordinary leniency”, reduced Sebastian S.’s sentence from 12 to 8 years of imprisonment. It came out in 2010.

The policeman recovered and returned to duty. He is currently retired.

Author:Artur Węgrzynowicz

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz/tvnwarszawa.pl

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