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Masovian Voivodeship. Preliminary results in the Senate elections in Warsaw and Obwarzanek

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The National Electoral Commission announced the preliminary voting results in the Senate elections in Warsaw. Data comes from approximately 24 percent of voting precincts. In the capital, the candidates from the Senate pact gained a decisive advantage.

The National Electoral Commission announced the voting results in the Senate elections after counting approximately 24 percent of voting districts. In Senate elections, constituencies are single-member. This means that only one seat is possible in each of them – the winner becomes a senator, and the remaining candidates, even if they obtain a double-digit high result, walk away empty-handed.

In the electoral district number 42, covering the following districts: Praga-Południe, Praga-Północ, Rembertów, Targówek, Wesoła, Marek Borowski, the candidate of the Civic Coalition, gained a decisive advantage, obtaining 18,451 votes. His rival Wojciech Zabłocki from Law and Justice obtained 8,042. So far, 26,493 votes have been counted, i.e. 15.59 percent.

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Marek BorowskiTVN24

In the electoral district number 43, which includes the districts of Mokotów, Ursynów, Wawer, Wilanów, Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska from the Civic Coalition is leading – 22,925 votes. Alvin Gajadhur (PiS) has 8,808 votes.

In this district, 17.49 percent were counted. votes.

Małgorzata Kidawa-BłońskaTVN24

In the electoral district number 44, consisting of Białołęka, Bielany, Śródmieście, Żoliborz, as well as votes cast on ships and abroad, Adam Bodnar from the Civic Coalition gained a very large advantage, gaining 122,404 votes. His rival Alicja Żebrowska from Law and Justice received 59,992 votes.

These are data after counting 39.70 percent of the votes.

Adam BodnarTVN24

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Electoral district number 45, which consists of the following districts: Bemowo, Ochota, Ursus, Włochy and Wola. Here, the candidate of the New Left, Magdalena Biejat, also gained a significant advantage, with 45,289 votes cast. 18,666 people voted for the Law and Justice candidate, Michał Grodzki.

So far, 53,865 votes have been counted, i.e. 29.36 percent.

Magdalena Biejat at a conference in WrocławTVN24

Preliminary results from “obwarzanek”

Electoral district no. 41, covering the poviats of Grodzisk, Otwock, Piaseczno and Pruszków, after counting only 3.46 percent. Tomasz Michał Kamiński from Trzecia Droga is in the lead – 4,800 votes ahead of Barbara Socha (PiS) – 2,465.

In district no. 47, covering the counties of Garwoliński, Mińsk and Węgrów, 4.46 percent were counted by 9 a.m. Votes. Maciej Górski (PiS) is in the lead – 4,897 votes, followed by Zbigniew Widelski (Niezpartyjni Samorządowcy) – 2,578. There are only two candidates in this district.

In electoral district No. 40 (counties: Legionowo, Nowy Dwór, Warszawski Zachodni and Wołomin) 15.19 percent have been counted so far. Votes. Adam Lubiak is in the lead – 14,318 votes, ahead of Jolanta Hibner – 8,472.

In electoral district No. 38 (Płock and the following counties: Gostynin, Płock, Sierpc, Sochaczewski and Żyrardowski), 17.19 percent were counted. votes. Waldemar Pawlak (Trzecia Droga-PSL) is in the lead with 19,641 votes, ahead of Marek Martynowski (PiS) – 19,315.

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In the electoral district number 39 (counties: Ciechanowski, Mława, Płońsk, Przasnyski and Żuromiński), after counting 15.19 percent of votes, Krzysztof Bieńskowski (PiS) is leading – 10,095 votes ahead of Jan Maria Jackowski (own electoral committee) – 6,604

Electoral district no. 46 (Ostrołęka and the following poviats: Makowski, Ostrołęka, Ostrowski, Pułtusk, Wyszków). 9.93 percent of the votes were counted. Robert Mamątow (PiS) is in the lead – 6,753 votes ahead of Mirosław Augustyniak (own election committee) – 2,499.

Electoral district no. 49 (counties: Białobrzeski, Grójecki, Kozienice and Przysucha) after counting 25 percent of votes. Stanisław Karczewski (PiS) is in the lead – 13,999 votes, ahead of Leszek Przybytniak (Trzecia Droga) – 7,382.

Electoral district no. 50 (Radom and the poviats: Leipzig, Radomski, Szydłowiec, Zwoleń) after conversion 22.99 percent. votes. Wojciech Skurkiewicz is in the lead – 27,861 votes, ahead of Cezary Brymora (Trzecia Droga) – 25,813.

Main photo source: M. Marchlewska – Wilczak / Chancellery of the Senate

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