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Masovian Voivodeship. Young debutants in the parliamentary elections talked about transport exclusion, problems of local governments and the labor market

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Marta Abramczyk in the “Time of Decisions: Debuts” program talked to Piotr Bruchajzer from Nowa Lewica and Michał Postek from Trzecia Droga, candidates in the October elections. The guests talked and presented ideas for solving problems in local governments and on the labor market. Bruchajzer sees the need to build apartments for rent, and Postek sees the need to produce green energy.

Marta Abramczyk’s guests in Wednesday’s program “Decision Time: Debuts” were young candidates for MPs who were on the electoral lists for the first time. The first of them was Piotr Bruchajzer, running from the election committee New Left(district 9 – Łódź), and the second one is Michał Postek, from the Trzecia Droga election committee (district 18 – Siedlce).

Candidates in October elections first, they talked about their ideas for public transport. – The problem of public transport is a problem of local governments, the state has left them. (…) We must allow local governments to control and expand public transport, emphasized Piotr Bruchajzer.

In turn, Michał Postek drew attention to the problem of communication exclusion. – It affects local, eastern and southern Poland, where there is a problem with bus and rail transport. (…) The solution is the KPO, if it was unlocked, we could invest as local governments and the state – he said.

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Problems of local governments

The issue of lack of money in local governments was also raised. – Local governments were abandoned by the state when it hit us inflation local government profits have remained unchanged, we want to start investing. If we want to help local governments, let’s start investing as a state and take responsibility for what happens in local governments, said Bruchajzer. He emphasized that local governments are the pillar of the state. He pointed out solutions. – We need to start building apartments for residents, we want to build 300,000 apartments – he noted. As he added, the state should realistically subsidize the construction of municipal and social housing.

Michał Postek listed the tasks that local governments are responsible for. It is e.g. construction of roads and sewage systems, maintenance of primary and secondary schools. – We, as a local government movement, have presented a draft law increasing the level of shares in PIT for communes, cities and counties. This is the only solution that ensures autonomy for local governments and management of all of our funds, he emphasized. At the same time, he drew attention to the uneven distribution of funds between local governments. – Some local governments receive millions, and some do not receive funds – he claimed.

Housing problems and rampant inflation

What about apartments for young people? The host, Marta Abramczyk, pointed out that they could not afford loans. Piotr Bruchajzer described the situation, emphasizing that young people are unfortunately forced to rent apartments, and their expenses are consumed by rent and inflation.

– As the Left, we want to build apartments that can be rented and pay low rent every month. These apartments would be for people entering adulthood, starting families, for people in need, said Bruchajzer.

In turn, Michał Postek referred to the lowest national salary. He emphasized that it should be there, but it is not the solution. He calls for a change in energy production. – We proposed a solution that will facilitate the production of green energy, it will be cheaper, so prices will decrease. The solution is to control prices and make products cheaper, he emphasized.

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