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Mass protests in Israel. The police used water cannons

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Up to several hundred thousand people took to the streets of Israeli cities. The demonstrators are demanding a complete abandonment of the currently suspended judicial reform announced by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to data provided by the police, over 160,000 people took part in Saturday’s demonstrations. people. The organizers of the demonstration argue that there are almost three times as many participants, about 450,000 people.

They want the reform to be thrown in the trash

We don’t believe anything that comes out of Bibi’s mouth. We believe that (suspension of the reform – ed.) is just a political ploy to stop the protest, Emanuel Keller, one of the participants in the demonstration in front of the president’s office, told Reuters. Israel Icchak Herzog, who engaged in talks between the government and the opposition in search of a way out of the political crisis.

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A protest against the government’s plans to reform the justice system in Tel AvivEPA/ATEF SAFADI

“We will take to the streets until we are promised that the state of Israel will remain a democracy,” said the organizers of Saturday’s protest, quoted by the Times of Israel. According to their statement, about 450,000 people are protesting across the country, including about 230,000 in Tel Aviv.

Police used water cannons to remove protesters blocking the Ajalon Highway in Tel Aviv, Times of Israel reports.

Police use water cannons to disperse demonstrators on Ayalon HighwayEPA/ATEF SAFADI

The reform is intended to increase government control over judges

The judiciary reform project increasing government control over the Supreme Court election process, as well as the ability to overturn Supreme Court decisions by a majority of 61 votes in the 120-member Knesset. These plans are causing Israel to face its biggest wave of protests in years.

Demonstrators block the Ayalon HighwayEPA/ATEF SAFADI

Netanyahu, who is being tried on corruption charges, which he denies, says reforms are needed to balance the influence of different branches of power. His Likud party and far-right political allies have called for counter-demonstrations. The opposition claims that the actions of the current government pose a threat to democracy in Israel.

Main photo source: EPA/ATEF SAFADI

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