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Mastercard Off Camera 2021. The great festival of cinema is about to start

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Mastercard Off Camera 2021 is the biggest celebration of independent cinema in Poland. For the next 10 days, about 100 films from all over the world are waiting for cinema fans, and they will be available in cinemas, outdoors and on the Player website.

14. Mastercard Off Camera, the international Independent Cinema Festival in Krakow, is an annual film festival. Over 300 screenings of approximately 100 films will take place over ten days. As every year, the most interesting representatives of independent cinematography from all over the world were invited to Krakow.

The most important points of the festival are competitions. The “Making Way” competition is a competition between ten international productions that will compete for the Krakow Film Award in the amount of 25,000 dollars. The jury chaired by Polish director Tomasz Wasilewski will decide who it will go to. At his side will be Game of Thrones costume designer Gemma Jackson and producer Lee Magiday. The Polish accent in the competition is the film “Sweat” by Magnus von Horn, which was included in last year’s official selection of the Cannes Film Festival.

In the fight for the Dominika Kulczyk Productions Award, worth 100,000. zlotys, 10 Polish films will be delivered. They are: “Magnezja” by Maciej Bochniak, “Amateurs” by Iwona Siekierzyńska, “25 years of innocence. The case of Tomek Komenda” Jana Holoubek, “My wonderful life” by Łukasz Grzegorzek, “Najmro. He loves, steals, respects” Mateusz Rakowicz, “The Last Komers” by David Nickel, “Biały Potok” by Michał Grzybowski, “Black Sheep” by Aleksander Pietrzak, “Hurray, we are still alive! ” Agnieszka Polska, “Everyone Has Their Summer” by Tomasz Jurkiewicz and “Something It Will Be” by Sylwester Jakimowa.

Trailer of “25 years of innocence” by Jan Holoubek CINEMA SWIAT / TVN

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Mastercard Off Camera 2021 – proven points of the program

The program includes several proven series, such as “Panorama”, “American Independents” and “Festival Hits”.

– “Festival Hits” is a cross-section of the most interesting things, shown at large, international festivals that we had the opportunity to visit. It will therefore be possible to see films from Cannes, Venice, Berlin and Rotterdam – emphasized Jakub Armata, representing the program department of the event, during the Friday press conference. The next section is “American Independents”. – The United States – both historically and today – is the Mecca of independent cinema. It is there that the greatest number of such productions are made and they set a trend for what is happening in the world, which is why we decided that it is worth viewing these films in a separate section – assessed Armata.

Mastercard Off Camera 2021 – new sections

Among the new sections is “Love on the Brain”, in which guests will be able to meet with a melodrama. – During each edition, we try to take one classic film genre and see what is happening with it today, how it changes and evolves. This year it fell on the genre related to the theme of love – said Armata. Subsequent productions were grouped in the section entitled “Freedom, equality, solidarity”, and you will see, as Armata assessed, works that are “an expression of rebellion and disagreement with how minorities are treated today in very different contexts”. On the other hand, in the section “Crisis has many names”, the authors and guests will look at the issue from the perspective of ecology, the ongoing climate change and the fact that the planet is changing undeniably. They will be transported to distant and at the same time close to the atmosphere in the “Nordic horizons” section, in which they will take a look at what is happening in the cinematography of countries whose productions have been increasingly hosted at international festivals in recent years. Polish productions will also join the competition. The most interesting of those that appeared last year will face each other in the Polish Feature Film Competition. They will compete for PLN 100,000 worth of The Dominika Kulczyk Productions Award.

Mastercard Off Camera 2021. Alicja Myśliwiec about this year’s editionTVN24

Mastercard Off Camera 2021 – meetings with filmmakers

Off Camera is not only screenings of original films from around the world, but also talks and meetings – after all, face-to-face. Among the invited guests were Yngvild Sve Flikke, Yanina Sulima, Vanja Vascarac, Evangelo Kioussis, Ryan Andrew Hooper, Magnus von Horn, Arab Nasser, Ana Rocha de Sousa, Athina Theodosjadu and Jeremy Hersh. Among others, Rafał Zawierucha, Julia Wyszyńska, Dawid Nickel, Zofia Wichłacz, Łukasz Orbitowski and others. Director Szymon Miszczak assessed that the last two years, which were so difficult for the industry, have also brought a lot of problems to the organizers of the Krakow event. – It is a particularly difficult time for us, because at the very beginning of the year we were wondering when to organize the festival. It is not created for a month or two, but only for half a year, or even up to nine months. We have managed to choose the September date, which I am very happy about – he said. Festival films and productions will be available in Krakow and on the website Player from 3 to 12 September. Guests will also be able to see productions in open-air cinemas, incl. on Szczepański Square and Wolnica Square.

Main photo source: TVN24

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