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Mata in “Autentyczne” about his autism, faith in God and being president

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The guest of the third episode of “Autentyczne” was Michał “Mata” Matczak. The rapper answered questions from people on the autism spectrum and made a great impression not only on the program participants, but also on the viewers. “Authentic” can be watched on Player.

“Why do you want to be president in 2040?”, “Do you remember how you picked up a girl in an unusual way?”, “Are you planning to release a CD with Christmas carols?” – questions that Mata w. heard “Authentic” were sometimes as surprising as his answers. The rapper answered all of them. After the program, comments appeared on the Internet. “I’m very impressed”, “Great boy. Intelligent, cultured, witty and mega-talented”, “I wish there were more programs like this with such people” – wrote viewers.

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IN “Good morning TVN” The participants of “Autentyczne” also share their impressions after talking to Mata. They found out during the recording that the rapper is on the autism spectrum. They didn’t hide their shock. – I said to myself: “he is ours”. It made me very happy – said Bartek Jakubowski. – A very authentic and spontaneous man. (…) sets his own style, often doing it in a very daring way. His vocabulary, which appears in “Patointeligencja”, also amazed me, but I listen to it basically every day – declared Jerzy Kamiński, who works as a teacher. – He turned out to be a person who has distance towards himself, I really like such people – added Natalia Wiśniewska.

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Mata in “Authentic”

– I haven’t given interviews for a very long time. Generally, I don’t like interviews very much because I get stressed out, but that’s why I did it, because I like getting out of my comfort zone. And I decided it would be more interesting than such a classic interview. And actually less stressful. And so far it’s like that, so that’s great – Mata started. In “Autentyczne” he told, among other things, how it happened that he was diagnosed with a person on the spectrum. He admitted that people had been telling him for many years that “he was autistic or acoustic.” But first he decided to check if he had ADHD. – I found out that [psychiatra] he couldn’t diagnose me with ADHD because I was smoking marijuana at the time, but (…) he said I was on the autism spectrum. A lot of things started to make sense, so to speak, he admitted. When asked what he would tell his younger self, he did not answer immediately. He asked for time to think. At the end of the program he said: – I would say: diagnose yourself on the spectrum earlier. You will know sooner that it is OK to be the way you are. And you won’t have those stressful situations where you don’t know why you feel this way or that way.

"Authentic"Michael "Mat" Matczak

“Autentyczni”, Michał “Mata” MatczakBartosz Krupa

Religion mat

– In primary school, I was a strongly religious person. So much so that I went to church every day after school. I felt God’s presence and I was a thousand percent sure that God was with me. Then I started losing it somewhere. For many reasons. It seems to me that I began to notice more evil in the world, I began to see this evil in the church institutions with which I was associated, Mata said. A few months ago he decided that the dark period of his life was behind him. – I decided I wanted to get back close [do Boga], so I recorded the album “Heart”. (…) On my part, it was an attempt to redefine all these values. This essence, this love, which is Christianity, Jesus and naming it anew and finding it in yourself – he confessed. He added that the album “allowed him to convert.”

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