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Mata is a guest in the “Autentyczni” program. He says about autism spectrum disorder: it’s my superpower

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Mata, i.e. Michał Matczak, will be the guest of the third episode of the “Autentyczni” program. The rapper will answer questions asked by people on the autism spectrum. During a conversation on the set of the production, Mata talked about his own experiences with people on the spectrum. He also admitted that he himself “is that type of person.”

Michał Matczak will appear in the latest episode of “Autentyczne” – a program in which people on the autism spectrum play the role of journalists and interview guests.

The 23-year-old rapper talked on the set of the program with Jan Gawroński about why he decided to participate in the production. – First of all, because I really liked the episode with Mr. Makłowicz – he said. – Secondly, because I haven’t given any interviews for a long time and I thought that such an unusual formula would be more interesting.

When asked whether he had previously dealt with people on the spectrum or people with multiple disabilities, Mata admitted that not only was he “friends with a few people of this type,” but also “he is this type of person himself.”

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Mata is the guest of the third episode of “Autentyczne”

When asked to indicate what autism spectrum means to him, the rapper described it as “a software system that is downloaded into various heads, including mine.” – This is something that allows me to create and experience the world in my own way. I think it’s my superpower, he continued. Jan Gawroński, who talked to the 23-year-old musician on the set of “Autentyczne”, is involved in self-advocacy activities on a daily basis (an activity in which a person who struggles with a problem that also affects other people, e.g. disability, says about it publicly to bring it closer to society – ed.). He also serves as the social deputy of the Ombudsman for Children.

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Checkmate in “Authentic”. When is the episode premiering?

The premiere of the episode of “Autentyczne” with Mata’s participation will take place on February 25. It will be available to watch on TVN and in Player. Two episodes of the program have been broadcast so far. Their guests were Robert Makłowicz and Natalia Kukulska. They were interviewed by people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Maciej Stuhr, who is the moderator at “Autentyczne”, says about people with ASD: – They think and process information differently than neurotypical people. They use specifics and do not detect sarcasm, jokes or metaphors in the conversation. They understand everything literally. They are direct and spontaneous, they don’t beat around the bush and they don’t pretend anything. This is what is unique about their conversations.

Michał Matczak is a guest of the 3rd episode of “Autentyczne”TVN24

“Autentyczni” (the first two episodes can be watched in Player) is the Polish version of the hit of France 2 television (“Les Rencontres du Papotin”). It was invented by Olivier Nakachi and Eric Toledano, the duo who directed the film “The Intouchables”.

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