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Maternity. “If you can breastfeed in parliament, it means you can breastfeed anywhere”

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Many of us were breastfed after birth – so where does the belief that mothers should hide it, preferably only at home, because outside it is not appropriate? If a woman is not to be a prisoner of the house, if she has the right to go for a walk, to a cafe or to work, and the child has the right to satisfy her hunger, let us not multiply the difficulties.

An Italian parliamentarian appeared in the meeting room with a baby she was breastfeeding. – This is an important day. A clear message is sent to the country that if you can breastfeed in parliament, it means that you can breastfeed anywhere and women cannot be banned anywhere – said Gilda Sportiello of the Five Star Movement.

What turned out to be a media event in Italy, no longer surprises anyone in Poland. Two years ago, Marcelina Zawisza, a member of the Left, fed the child during the session of the parliamentary health committee. What’s more, during feeding, she spoke up. – I hope that we will break such thinking about politicians as 70-year-old men and show that young women, including young mothers, can be in parliament and then our children are with us if we need and want it – explains Marcelina Zawisza, MP Together.

What it is, it turns out, is agreement from left to right. Elżbieta Zielińska from PiS is nursing her second child in the Sejm. – I am glad that more and more women are showing that it is possible. That this side of motherhood is not just being locked up at home with a child – explains Elżbieta Zielińska, PiS MP. In the previous term, Kornelia Wróblewska from Nowoczesna did not hide her maternal care, and even earlier Agnieszka Pomaska ​​from PO. – I was encouraged by many women to show that a child does not have to mean the end of a professional career, it does not have to mean giving up on the implementation of one’s plans – explains Agnieszka Pomaska, PO MP.

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Time for changes

This alliance of women politicians in Poland, Italy and other countries is so important that there are still signs of intolerance towards women who breastfeed in public places. “It always surprises me, to be honest. I don’t know what the effect is. Perhaps the lack of sex education in schools? Perhaps not everyone realizes that it is simply a physiological need – explains Katarzyna Trzeciak from the Women’s Congress Association.

Breastfeeding benefits both the baby and the mother. – There is definitely a lower risk of cancer. For example, breast or ovary, diabetes, hypertension, and osteoporosis in the postmenopausal period – enumerates Dr. Ewa Szkudlarek from the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital Research Institute in Łódź, a lactation consultant.

Monika Kopka, Janek’s new mother, takes these tips and examples to heart and breastfeeds her son from the first hours of his life. He’s not going to hide it. “I believe that I should be able to breastfeed everywhere. Especially in public places, he explains. The law now guarantees women the right to breastfeed their children at work.

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