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Mateusz Damięcki appeals to men: get tested. November is the month of men’s cancer prevention

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Gentlemen, I appeal to you: get yourselves checked – encourages Mateusz Damięcki on social media. The actor published the video as part of the “Movember” campaign in November, which aims to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer. – This is a month in which we can devote time to taking care of ourselves, because remember: nothing is at stake higher than life – emphasizes Damięcki.

Mateusz Damięcki appealed to men in a video he published on Instagram stories on Sunday. At the beginning of the recording, the actor explained the idea of ​​the “Movember” campaign, which is to increase men’s awareness of prostate and testicular cancer and encourage them to undergo tests. The word “Movember” is a combination of the English words mustache and November.

– In this case, the mustache is an attribute of masculinity – Damięcki explained in the recording. – There is no greater and better proof of masculinity than responsibility. In this case, responsibility is a healthy life, not only for yourself, but also for your surroundings – he emphasized, adding: – Gentlemen, I appeal: get yourselves checked. “Movember” is a month in which we can devote time to taking care of ourselves, because remember: there is nothing at stake greater than life, he appealed. “And it’s not just about male cancers. But about all of them. And not only about us, gentlemen, about you, ladies, too,” he added in the description of the recording.

Mateusz DamięckiLeszek Szymański/PAP

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“Movember” – what is the aim of the campaign?

The “Movember” campaign was launched in 1999 Australia. In Poland, there are campaigns on this topic to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer from year to year more and more popular. This year, the following people took part in the “Badaj Jajka” campaign of the Kochasz Dopilnuj Foundation: Olympic champion Dawid Tomala or footballer Jakub Kosecki.

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Free tests can be performed, among others: as part of the “Mosznowładcy” campaign (Captain Światełko Foundation) and “Męskie Zdrowie” (Fizjosport Association). Men aged 18-40 can undergo a testicular ultrasound examination, and older men can undergo a testicular PSA level test. The tests are painless and do not require any preparation. Ultrasound results are available immediately, PSA test results – within 10 minutes. The research calendar can be found on the oncology website ROZNIKRAKA.pl

Prostate cancer and testicular cancer – what to remember

Prostate cancer is diagnosed in approximately 15,000 people in Poland every year. men (and forecasts say that this number may soon increase to approximately 20,000), approximately 5,000 die from it. men. Testicular cancer is a relatively rare cancer, but – as we read on the website patient.gov.pl – it occupies a special position among cancers for two reasons. Firstly, it is a disease of young men (most cases occur between the ages of 15 and 40), which is different from many other cancers, the occurrence of which becomes more frequent as the body ages.

Secondly, in the vast majority of cases it is curable, even in the advanced stage of the disease when metastases occur. This is due to the modern combination of various therapy methods (surgical treatment, less frequently radiotherapy and chemotherapy with the use of a breakthrough drug – cisplatin).

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“We can win. Let’s just test ourselves”

– Between the ages of 20 and 39, we are at risk of developing testicular cancer. It is a cancer that develops very quickly and is very dangerous in terms of the consequences of lack of treatment. And in a very short time – explained Dr. Marek Filipek on TVN24, appealing to men prevention in the field of cancer diseases.

– It is standard that we take care of the car, we take care of the technical inspection. We don’t do our technical inspection and that’s a problem. Today I am acting here as an expert, but I must say that I am also a bit of a patient – said a specialist from St. Elizabeth, Lux Med group. – Because I had prostate cancer surgery many years ago. I overcame the disease thanks to my wife. I’m sorry for being so revealing, but this is an appeal to all of you that we can win. Let’s just get tested, he added.

Prostate cancerPAP

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mateuszdamiecki/Instagram, patient.gov.pl, tvn24.pl

Main photo source: Leszek Szymański/PAP

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