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Mateusz Morawiecki asked about the Justice Fund. He finds the Supreme Audit Office reports and Mraz's tapes unreliable

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Former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki did not answer directly when asked several times by journalists what he did after receiving information from the Supreme Audit Office about irregularities in the Justice Fund. – For me, the credibility of the Supreme Audit Office in this matter is less than zero – said Morawiecki. He also finds unreliable the testimony of Tomasz Mraz and the recordings he published of conversations between Sovereign Poland politicians regarding the management of millions from the Fund.

Zbigniew Ziobro and his support from Sovereign Poland managed the Ministry of Justice and the Justice Fund for years when he was Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. TVN24 has been reporting on irregularities in this fund for months. For several days, the media – including tvn24.pl – have been publishing recordings recorded over the last two years by Tomasz Mraz, former director of the Justice Fund Department at the Ministry of Justice.


Former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was asked by journalists about the Justice Fund scandal. When asked what he did with the reports of the Supreme Audit Office, which reported irregularities three years ago. – Supreme Chamber of Control She lost her reputation as a public office in my eyes. Following other tapes, (…) it was visible that the head of the Supreme Audit Office was talking to you Donald Tusk “boss”. I read something like that, at least in the media, because I didn't listen to it myself. So the credibility of the Supreme Audit Office in this matter is less than zero for me, said Morawiecki.

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When asked whether he took any steps after the information about irregularities, the former prime minister said that “the Justice Fund, according to its tasks within the Council of Ministers, was subordinated to the Ministry of Justice and questions would have to be directed there.”

Mateusz Morawiecki answers questions about the Justice FundTVN24

Morawiecki: let's wait for information from reliable sources

– The credibility of the information that appears in the public domain today is largely questioned by me, as do the people whose studies I read and who are by no means our supporters. The main witness himself, director of the department (Justice Fund Tomasz) Mraz, is very interested in shifting all responsibility to other people – he said.

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– Neither this witness nor the materials are credible (…). Let's wait for information from reliable sources on these matters.

Journalists continued to ask about the intervention of the former prime minister, who repeated that the Justice Fund was responsible Ministry of Justice. When asked whether, as head of government, he “didn't supervise all the ministers and whether Zbigniew Ziobro literally did whatever he wanted,” Morawiecki told the journalist: “Please read the Act on guns, Mr. Editor. You will find the answer there.”

Morawiecki: there is definitely a place for Sovereign Poland in our clubTVN24

“There is definitely room for a Sovereign Poland as well”

When asked whether Sovereign Poland is now “a burden for the entire United Right” and whether “the project of Law and Justice and the Sovereign Future has a future”, the PiS MP said that “there is definitely a place for Sovereign Poland.”

Law and Justice is the party of, as we sometimes say, a big tent and under the ceiling of this tent very different ideological trends will appear. State, patriotic, national-Catholic, Christian-democratic trends, stateists of various types, and there is definitely a place there for Sovereign Poland, for the former Solidarity Poland, said Morawiecki.

– These are our colleagues who have their own specific profile. Sometimes we can agree less, sometimes we can agree a little more, but what I see most is a common future within this large political group of ours, which wants Poland to regain its development rhythm that we had, with a sense of the social pulse and, at the same time, a huge emphasis on precisely for safety – he added.

How did you win the Justice Fund competitions?  Tomasz Mraz described the procedure

How did you win the Justice Fund competitions? Tomasz Mraz described the procedureJacek Tacik/Fakty TVN

The scandal surrounding the Justice Fund. What is it about?

The Justice Fund was established in 1997 as the Post-Penitentiary Assistance Fund and from the beginning it was subordinated to the Ministry of Justice. After the regulations were changed in 2012, according to the assumptions, the funds should be used to support former prisoners, crime victims and their relatives. During the PiS government, the catalog of what money could be spent on and the catalog of entities that could benefit from funding were expanded. In 2017, when Zbigniew Ziobro was the Minister of Justice, the fund's objectives included “counteracting the causes of crime”, as well as, among others, “undertaking educational and informational projects”, “promoting the system of assistance to injured persons” and “disseminating knowledge about the rights of injured persons”.

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In recent years, journalists have revealed a number of controversial expenditures from the Justice Fund. It was with this money that the Pegasus surveillance system was to be purchased. In January 2022, NIK disclosed invoices for the “purchase of special technology measures to detect and prevent crime” for a total amount of PLN 25 million. Finance for this purchase Central Anticorruption Bureau has just received from the Justice Fund.

Huge money from the Justice Fund – almost PLN 100 million – was also supposed to go to, among others, to the church's Profeto Foundation. Officials managed to pay out PLN 66 million of the allocated amount because the new authorities of the Ministry of Justice suspended further financing in January.

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Main photo source: TVN24

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