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Mateusz Morawiecki at the Munich Security Conference on Ukraine: we want to be generous and quick

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On Friday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki took part in one of the panels during the Munich Security Conference. The talks focused on the war in Ukraine and prospects for Kiev after its end. – We cannot say: Ukraine cannot lose and Russia cannot win. It’s a mistake. We have to say: Russia must lose this war and Ukraine must win it, Morawiecki said.

The head of the Polish government, the Ukrainian deputy prime minister for reconstruction of the country Oleksandr Kubrakov, as well as the head of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Catherine Colonna and the American senator Mitch McConnell on Friday evening they took part in a panel discussion on the war on Ukraine. The politicians debated about support for Ukraine, the prospects for ending the conflict and plans for post-war reconstruction of the country.

Panel with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in MunichPAP/EPA/ANNA SZILAGYI

When asked whether the West and FOR THIS have the will and ability to give Ukraine what it needs to win the war, Morawiecki said he hoped so. – And I do not buy this logic: we have given enough, let the Ukrainians do their job. They are dying at the front for their sovereignty and freedom, but also for our security and peace in Europe, he said.

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He added that “if we want to create a lasting climate of development and peace, we must change the logic.” – We cannot say: Ukraine cannot lose and Russia cannot win. It’s a mistake. We have to say: Russia must lose this war and Ukraine must win it, Morawiecki said.

He also stated that “if United States want to remain a superpower – and our US friends suffered a certain defeat in Afghanistan – they cannot afford another in Ukraine.” – I believe that Ukrainians, Ukrainian soldiers, President Zelensky are doing everything to win this war, and we on our part we must do everything to support Ukraine to win, he added.

Mateusz Morawiecki in MunichPAP/EPA/ANNA SZILAGYI

When asked if he would send F-16 fighters to Ukraine, Morawiecki replied that “we have quite a few of them.” “We agree to transfer other types of fighters that we have, along with others, as part of NATO’s decision,” he added. He reminded that Poland had transferred 250 tanks to Ukraine, and plans to transfer another 60 modernized T-72 tanks and 14 Leopard-2 tanks.

The Prime Minister assessed that it is now necessary to create new opportunities to produce and deliver various types of weapons to Ukraine. He stated that it was a big challenge for Poland. “We want to be generous and quick,” he said.

Prime Minister: Ukraine should have an accelerated path to join the EU and NATO

Morawiecki was also asked whether President Zelensky’s expectations regarding both military and political assistance in the matter of his country’s accession to the EU and NATO should be met.

The head of the Polish government replied in the affirmative. He reminded that at the beginning of the war, some countries hesitated whether to send Ukraine helmets or bulletproof vests, and now they are sending armored vehicles and Patriot batteries, and talks concern the transfer of aircraft. He said that now “everything is possible” and he could also imagine an accelerated path for Ukraine to join the EU.

He stressed that it was important not only to sustain the spirit of Ukrainians, including Ukrainian soldiers fighting Russian aggression, but also for a more long-term strategy and vision for Ukraine. He assessed that it depends on Ukraine what the scenario of its actions will look like after defeating the invader.

When asked whether Ukraine should have an accelerated path to join the EU and NATO, Morawiecki replied that it would, especially if we want Ukraine to become part of a stable system. He noted that he did not want it to be a buffer zone between the two systems and believed that the sooner it could join the EU and NATO, the better.

According to the Prime Minister, what is happening in Ukraine cannot be confronted with the normal accession process, and EU countries must start thinking in a new, different way, bearing in mind that the current events in Ukraine “is a turning point in history”.

Referring to the issue of Ukraine’s possible accession to the EU, Colonna emphasized that certain conditions had to be met, for example reforms in the fight against corruption. As she pointed out, Ukraine should not lower the bar in this situation, but help it so that it could meet the requirements for accession as quickly as possible.

Prime Minister Morawiecki was also asked whether the “imperial appetites” of Russia and its leaders pose a threat to Poland and the Baltic states. He said yes, but the full answer to that question would depend on the outcome of the war in Ukraine. He noted that although we hope to defeat the Russian troops quickly, we must be patient and reckon with the fact that the conflict in Ukraine will be long-lasting.

The French foreign minister also assured: – We are ready to support Ukraine as long as it takes.

French Foreign Ministry: We are ready to support Ukraine as long as it takes

Mitch McConnell, leader of the Republican minority in the US Senate, stressed that there is currently no room for negotiation, and the goal of countries supporting Ukraine should be to transfer all possible equipment as soon as possible to enable the Ukrainians to win.

Kubrakow emphasized that with military support, the speed of delivery of aid is critical. “We are constantly trying to catch up with the Russians,” he said, recalling the discussions that preceded the transfer of ammunition, 155-millimeter artillery and air defense systems.

The Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister asked why Ukraine cannot receive cluster munitions, since the Russians use them every day. – It’s complicated, but our people are dying in Bakhmut. Why can’t we start training our pilots right now? It would be a strong signal for the Russians, for everyone,” he said.

Referring to the prospect of peace talks, Kubrakov said that it did not matter whether Putin would accept the conditions of the Ukrainian side, including the restoration of territorial integrity and the establishment of a tribunal to try Russians accused of war crimes, because “the war must end on the battlefield.”

The prime minister met with the president of Kurdistan

During the Munich Conference, Prime Minister Morawiecki also met with the President of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq, Nechirvan Barzani. The meeting was also attended by the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paweł Jabłoński, from the Polish side.

As the Prime Minister’s office reported on Twitter, Morawiecki and Barzani talked about “Russia’s attack on Ukrainethe situation in Iraq and the assistance to Turkey after the earthquake.

The Kurdistan region in northern Iraq, with its capital in Erbil, has an autonomous status.


The Munich Security Conference (MSC) has been organized since 1963. It is a forum for discussion on current international security issues among the heads of state and government, foreign and defense ministers, parliamentarians and representatives of the media and science.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/ANNA SZILAGYI

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