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Mateusz Morawiecki calls on Donald Tusk to disclose his assets. “This is the pinnacle of insolence”

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Law and Justice calls on Donald Tusk to show his asset declaration and how much he earned when he was the head of the European Council and when he headed the European People’s Party. The appeal of the ruling party surprises many, because one of its leaders – Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki – himself is not free from ambiguity around his own and his wife’s property.

“Will Donald Tusk reveal how much he earned in Brussels?” – in this way, disrupting the press conference at which PO MPs asked about the earnings of Deputy Minister Janusz Kowalski in one of the state-owned companies, the Deputy Minister himself shouted questions and accusations raised by his colleagues from the government for several days.

The rulers want to x-ray Donald Tusk’s assets – his earnings when he was the head of the European Council and after he headed the European People’s Party.

– We are talking about huge millions, amounts of PLN 60,000 a month – indicates Sebastian Kaleta, Deputy Minister of Justice, MP of Sovereign Poland. – An element of a democratic state ruled by law is transparency and openness, and above all openness of financing politicians and their activities – argues Rafał Bochenek, spokesman for Law and Justice.

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However, the rulers point out that they also appeal to other politicians to disclose their assets. – Our appeal is also addressed to other politicians who aspire for the most important state functions, party leaders – including Mr. Hołownia, Mr. Metzen – says Bochenek.

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The opposition calls PiS’s demands and arguments absurd and talks about an attempt to divert attention from what burdens those in power today. – From millions, which are not mined with a spoon, not a spoon, not a ladle, but an excavator, from state-owned companies – indicates Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, the leader of the Polish People’s Party. – They who siphon money from state-owned companies to finance their party, their politicians and their election campaign. They, who organize the referendum, which will serve, also financially, the campaign to the Sejm and the Senate. Are they asking for transparency today? Krzysztof Śmiszek, a member of the Left, asks.

The Millionaires Club

The media have been writing about the millionaires of Law and Justice for months. Wirtualna Polska counted over 150 people directly or indirectly related to the authorities in 19 state-owned companies. 90 of them became millionaires during the rule of PiS and earned a total of over PLN 400 million.

– A bunch of thieves, fraudsters, deeply dishonest people pick on a guy who earned money hard by building a good image of Poland and working for the European Union – comments Barbara Nowacka, an MP from the Civic Coalition.

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The leader of the Civic Platform, Donald Tusk, does not hold any state function today and has no legal obligation to submit a declaration of assets. According to “Super Express”, the Polish government was to ask the European Council to disclose Tusk’s earnings, taking into account the so-called transition benefit after the end of the term of office of the chairman of the board. The proposal was to be rejected after consultation with Member States.

– Making some accusation and making some big scandal about something that is regulated in law, to which the European Union agreed, to which European institutions agreed that if you worked in the Council of the European Union, in the European Commission, in the European Parliament, you are entitled you money. What’s the big secret here? – emphasizes Krzysztof Śmiszek.

“PiS millionaires club is growing as fast as store prices”. Example one: Marcin Pawlicki, Szczecin councillorPawel Płuska/Fakty TVN

Questions about the Prime Minister’s bonds and the Mejza affair

Przemysław Kaleta said that Donald Tusk “wallows in luxury for Brussels money”.

– Don’t let Mr. Kaleta talk nonsense, let him take up work in the Ministry of Justice. If he’s looking for some missing money, I’ll tell him where to look. There is a Justice Fund and it was supposed to help victims of crime, not Mr. Kaleta’s buddies or the officers of Sovereign Poland – points out Marcin Kierwiński, MP of the Civic Coalition.

Opposition politicians have more such hints, because since we are talking about transparency, Law and Justice has not yet answered many questions.

"Fat cats".  Izdebski: Kaczyński allows such actions in gratitude for a certain loyalty and passivity

“Fat Cats”. Izdebski: Kaczyński allows such actions in gratitude for a certain loyalty and passivityTVN24

– I have not seen such commitment in the case of the PiS milieu to explain their scandals, for example the scandal of Łukasz Mejza. They don’t care how much Mejza earned from sick children, Jan Strzeżek, a member of the Young Poland Association, points out. – I would prefer the prime minister to answer the question of how it happened that he made money on bonds or sold plots of land – says Gawkowski, a member of the Left.

The Prime Minister invested over four million zlotys in bonds, which are extremely profitable during high inflation. He could earn nearly half a million zlotys. The moment when the bonds are bought and the head of the government bought them at the best possible price is also important. In an online entry, he assured that he would allocate the proceeds from the bonds to charity and personally appealed to Donald Tusk to reveal “how much euro went from Brussels”.

– The fact that Morawiecki, who appropriated public property, took over the post-state farm land in Wrocław, worth millions, hundreds of millions of zlotys, today makes someone account for his own property, this is the height of insolence – assesses Sławomir Nitras, MP of the Civic Coalition.

The circumstances of the purchase and sale of plots by the Morawiecki couple are still not entirely clear. When entering politics, the Prime Minister took care of property separation, and – despite the announcements about revealing the assets of politicians’ spouses – the law guaranteeing transparency, adopted by Law and Justice, was lost in the Constitutional Tribunal. On the one hand, we have property declarations that he must submit every year as the head of government, and on the other hand, in the face of his wife’s undisclosed assets, estimates by journalists. million zlotys.

Main photo source: PAP/Radek Pietruszka

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