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Mateusz Morawiecki in an interview for the Daily Express about understanding Brexit and the “implosion” of the EU

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Former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said in an interview for the British tabloid “Daily Express” that he better understands why the British decided to leave the European Union, although he noted that he “believes that the EU has its values, its advantages.” The Law and Justice politician warned that “centralization processes” could lead to the “implosion” of the EU.

– Well, I’m probably different from most Britons who were in favor of leaving the European Union because I believe that European Union it has its values, its advantages. But I think the tendency, the trend, is very dangerous now. And I better understand why Great Britain made such a decision – said Morawiecki when asked whether he understood the decision to Brexit after his own experiences in relations with the European Commission.

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In an interview, the former prime minister said that the European Commission’s suspension of the payment of money to Poland was “definitely” an attempt to influence the results of last year’s elections parliamentary:

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– When it comes to various European Union policies, there has definitely been interference in our internal affairs – Morawiecki said.

“The EU is heading in the wrong direction”

He also said: – I think this is heading in the wrong direction and will ultimately lead to the implosion of the European Union. I definitely believe that the European Union is a very valuable organization from the point of view of the free market, cooperation within the internal market, various freedoms, and the free movement of capital, people, goods and services. But the more competences are acquired and taken over by the European Commission, the less a sovereign state has to say, as can be observed.

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– If we read the latest plans of the European Parliament and the European Commission regarding treaty reforms, I believe that it is very, very dangerous for the stability of the European Union. Because, first of all, it deprives sovereign states of their basic rights in the field of security, foreign policy, tax policy, which is the backbone of every sovereign state, as well as in many, many other areas, Morawiecki said.

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