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Mateusz Morawiecki in Madrid. He met with the Polish community. On Saturday, he will talk to the leaders of far-right parties

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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki met on Friday evening at the Polish embassy in Madrid with the Spanish Polonia, including Polish entrepreneurs. He did not take part in a joint dinner of far-right party leaders before Saturday’s meeting. Apart from the head of the Polish government, it will be attended by the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban (Fidesz) and the head of the French National Union, Marine Le Pen.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, as PiS vice-president, will take part in a meeting of the leaders of European conservative and right-wing parties in Madrid. Scheduled talks are controversial. Chairman of the Civic Platform Donald Tusk, commenting on the reports on the participation of the head of the Polish government on Thursday, assessed that “this is a meeting of the de facto anti-Ukrainian international.” He urged Morawiecki to immediately make a decision not to participate in this meeting.

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The host of the meeting, entitled “Defend Europe”, is the leader of the right-wing Vox party, Santiago Abascal. It began on Friday with a joint dinner of the group’s leaders. TVN24 reporter Sebastian Napieraj said that Morawiecki did not appear on it.

Morawiecki at the Polonia instead of at dinner with party leaders

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On Friday, the Prime Minister took part in a meeting with representatives of the Polish community in Spain and Polish business in Spain. – Today Poland is a happy, sovereign and independent country, but our representatives scattered all over the world, all over Europe, strengthen Poland and Polishness – he said during the meeting.

– This is how Polish business works. Today I have a meeting with representatives of Polish companies, medium and large, that set up their own representative offices in Spain or are buying out Spanish companies. This proves the great success of Polish entrepreneurs who courageously reach for competitors abroad. Not only do we attract foreign capital to Poland, but there are also Polish entrepreneurs who expand and spread their wings throughout Europe and in the world – added Morawiecki.

The Prime Minister emphasized that Spain and Poland are united by friendship and common interests. – Today, at this special time, we are united by something more. We understand geopolitical threats together, he said.

– Not more than a week ago I spoke on the phone with the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, about this difficult geopolitical situation. Regardless of the fact that the Spanish government is built today with a majority anchored in left-wing parties, and we represent center-right and conservative parties, we talked about the threats related to aggressive Russian policy and the threat to Ukraine’s integrity in one language, Morawiecki said.


Morawiecki on Saturday’s meeting with the leaders of far-right parties

He confirmed that on Saturday he will meet representatives of the Spanish right-wing Vox party and its leader Santiago Abascal, who “understands Russian threats on NATO’s eastern flank very well and underlines the importance of NATO to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all European countries.” The prime minister assessed that also representatives of other political groups with whom he will meet on Saturday “are aware of the geopolitical threats that are unfortunately knocking on Europe’s eastern door today”.

PiS deputy official: we hope that the meeting will be the next step on the way to cooperation

Two working sessions are scheduled for Saturday. – Among the topics that will be discussed will be, inter alia, the fight against depopulation, defense of the energy sovereignty of European countries, defense cooperation in the face of today’s threats, including from the East, or issues regarding European industry in the global world, said the PiS deputy spokesman, who is responsible for international contacts, Radosław Fogiel.

As he added, apart from him and Morawiecki, PiS will also be represented by the party’s general secretary, Krzysztof Sobolewski, and MEPs Ryszard Legutko and Zdzisław Krasnodębski.

– It will be next, after December “Warsaw Summit”, meeting of the signatories of the declaration of July 2021. We hope that the meeting will be the next step on the way to cooperation aimed at restoring the European Union to the proper dimension of the union of sovereign nation states “- said Fogiel.

A TVN24 reporter talked to the PiS vice-officer on Friday evening. Note that Marine Le Pen will be among the people the Prime Minister will meet, who said in December last year that Ukraine “belongs to Moscow’s sphere of influence”Fogiel said it was “obvious that this is not the position of Poland.” – The position of Poland is definitely opposite. Nevertheless, it must also be remembered that in such, for example, France, unfortunately, the position presented by Marine Le Pen is not an isolated position. One of our tasks, on the occasion of international cooperation, is also to sensitize our partners to the point of view of Central and Eastern Europe, to the Russian threat, he added.

Jarosław Kaczyński’s speech at the Warsaw SummitTVN24

Meeting with the participation of, among others, Orban and Le Pen

The participation in the meeting was confirmed by: Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban (Fidesz), head of the National Union in France Marine Le Pen, Marlene Svazek (Austria’s Freedom Party), Tom Van Grieken (Flemish Interest), Martin Helme (Estonian Conservative People’s Party), Aurelian Pavelescu (National Christian Democratic Party in Romania), Krasimir Karakachanov from the Bulgarian National Movement and Valdemar Tomasevski from the Union of Christian Families in Lithuania.

At the beginning of July last year, members of the right-wing conservative groups whose representatives sit in the European Parliament signed a joint ideological declaration. The declaration was signed, among others, by: PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński, president of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni, president of the Spanish Vox Santiago Abascal, president of Fidesz Viktor Orban, president of the League, Matteo Salvini, and representatives of a dozen other center-right parties.

Main photo source: Chancellery of the Prime Minister / twitter

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