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Mateusz Morawiecki, interview for dpa. “The European Union must be able to protect its borders”

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The German dpa agency published the entire interview with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who was on a visit to Berlin on Thursday. The main topic of the conversation was the migration crisis on the border with Belarus. The head of the Polish government also spoke about the threat that Russia poses to Ukraine, about the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and reparations for war losses.


On Sunday, dpa published the entire interview with the Polish prime minister. Mateusz Morawiecki, when asked why Poland does not accept EU aid related to border protection, eg from the border protection agency Frontex, said that “we can accept various types of support, but we do not need it at the moment”.

The head of the Polish government argued that “We have 15,000 Border Guard officers, and Frontex has up to 1,200 officers on all external borders of the European Union. Besides, we also have 15,000 soldiers. So our border is quite tight. And we are defending Europe against another migration crisis. I believe that the European Union must be able to protect its borders.

Mateusz Morawiecki visiting Berlin. In the photo on the right – Acting Chancellor Angela Merkel PAP / EPA / JOHN MACDOUGALL / POOL

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Morawiecki: Lukashenka abused the talks with Merkel

Dpa recalls that German Chancellor Angela Merkel she talked with the Belarusian leader Alyaksandr Lukashenka on how to solve the crisis on the border with Belarus. According to Prime Minister Morawiecki, “the European Union should commit itself to finding a diplomatic solution. But when Chancellor Merkel called Lukashenka, it contributed to the legitimacy of his regime, while the fight for a free Belarus has been going on for 15 months.”

The prime minister pointed out that “Lukashenka also abused his talks with Angela Merkel. He pretended that Merkel agreed to transport 2,000 immigrants along the corridor to Germany and other European countries. And this is not true.”

As for possible EU financial support for the repatriation of migrants to their home countries, Morawiecki believes that “it is a common matter because migrants do not want to stay in Poland, they want to go to Germany and the Netherlands. But we do not want to wait for the European Union. goodwill from Lukashenka, we will immediately take this positive signal and we will cooperate in financing migrants returning home, to Iraq and other countries. It should be a joint effort, but we can also act very quickly. “

Mateusz Morawiecki during his visit to Germany JOHN MACDOUGALL / PAP / EPA

The unification of Europe in the face of the crisis

Asked by the DPA whether the current crisis could unite a Europe that has long been divided over migration policy, Morawiecki replied in the affirmative. He stressed that “asylum policy should be the prerogative of a sovereign state. But we should develop a common migration policy at the European level.”

According to the Polish prime minister, “in this respect, unity in Europe is much greater than three or four years ago. The previous refugee policy turned out to be a mistake. Most EU countries, except for one or two, understood that we cannot pursue an open door policy and Multikulti “.

When asked if he meant the one for which Angela Merkel was responsible when talking about the previous refugee policy, Morawiecki stated that “not only she”. – Several other Western European leaders also wanted to pursue an open door policy. But they did not take into account the consequences – he added.

German Chancellor: People must not be used for hybrid purposes

The tense situation on the border with Ukraine

The Dpa pointed out that the situation on the border between Russia and Ukraine was becoming more and more tense. – We are dealing with some additional movement of Russian troops around Ukraine – admitted Morawiecki. – But there is another aspect that is not talked about so much: there is a possibility of an energy crisis in Ukraine. It is dependent on Russian supplies of oil, gas and even coal. According to some analyzes, Russian energy blackmail may lead to a blackout in Ukraine, he added.

Morawiecki confirmed that, in his opinion, Russia is using energy as a weapon against Ukraine and expressed the hope that Germany would therefore change its attitude towards the Nord Sream 2 gas pipeline, which “is becoming a tool of blackmail in Ukraine and Moldova”. – It is also a tool for manipulating energy prices. I would expect the new German government to do everything to prevent Nord Stream 2 from becoming a tool in President Putin’s arsenal, Morawiecki said.

Nord Stream 2 certification suspended

Nord Stream 2 certification suspendedTVN24

The issue of reparations

Another important issue in Polish-German relations in the last few years has been reparations for damages caused by Germany to Poland during World War II. Is the matter out of discussion? – asks dpa.

– No, this matter is not beyond discussion, because Poland was treated very badly and did not receive reparations – said the Prime Minister. – We are creating the Jan Karski War Loss Institute. I signed this decision on Monday. This institute will institutionalize our efforts to analyze all losses, but also to analyze the approach we intend to take on reparations, he said.

The parliamentary reparations committee “was asked to supplement the report with additional information. The committee will close it by February and present it to the public at a later date,” the Prime Minister informed in an interview.

– The decision on what, when and how to do with this report has not yet been made. But we are preparing everything that is needed to present this report to the world, said the head of the Polish government.

Main photo source: JOHN MACDOUGALL / PAP / EPA

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