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Mateusz Morawiecki on Polish aid in Greece, Turkey and Germany and the transfer of vaccines

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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in an entry in social media assured that “Poland is in solidarity when others need this help from us”. He referred in this way to the fact that Polish firefighters helped extinguish fires in Greece and Turkey, and our country helped the Germans deal with the effects of the floods. He also mentioned “donating vaccines” to countries in need.


“Poland is solidarity when others need this help from us. We help in extinguishing fires in Greece and Turkey, we helped Germany during the flood and we provide vaccines to countries in need. I would like to say to our allies – you can always count on Poland” – emphasized Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in the entry on Facebook.

“We support the international community, but we will always lead the priority, which is the security of Poland and Poles around the world,” added the head of government.

Facebook / Mateusz Morawiecki

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Polish firefighters helped put out fires in Greece and Turkey

In July and August, Greece and Turkey were hit by a wave of fires, in which the international community helped fight – including Polish firefighters.

On Sunday, firefighters reported that the firefighting activities carried out by Polish firefighters in Greece had been completed. “The mission of the GFFFV module has come to an end. Today, in the early morning hours, a column consisting of 143 rescuers and 46 vehicles set off on their way back to the country” – it was reported.

The Polish convoy went to aid Greece on August 7. It included GFFFV modules from Poznań and Wrocław. In total, 286 rescuers (two shifts of 143 firefighters) and 46 vehicles took part in the firefighting operations in Greece, including: firefighting, special, command and communication vehicles, containers, quads, buses, buses and trailers.

Currently, the situation in the area where Polish firefighters operate is under control. The younger brigadier Daniel Mucha spoke about it on Saturday. – The site temperatures are still high, there was no rain, so the litter is still low in humidity, but no new outbreaks have emerged and the situation seems to be under control. The decisions are such that we are going back to the country – he said.

Polish rescue services also helped in the fight against the effects of the flood that hit western Germany in July. Poland has also donated doses of COVID-19 vaccines to other countries, including Ukraine.

Main photo source: ALEXANDROS BELTES / EPA / PAP

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