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Mateusz Morawiecki threatens to accept refugees “The Prime Minister of the Polish government is a liar”

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The power camp, led by the prime minister, is threatening refugees and stubbornly repeats “no forced relocation”, although the European Commission keeps repeating that this is out of the question. The opposition points out that Poland, under the rule of the United Right, receives a record number of not only refugees from Ukraine, but also immigrants from other countries.

Friday, the middle of the day, one of the biggest streets in the south of Wrocław. The woman hit, pushed and insulted a Filipino citizen living and working in Poland. Only because she looks different and came from another country. This is racism and this is the effect of hate speech and threatening immigrants, the opposition comments. – Law and Justice sows hatred, and the crops are harvested on the streets of Polish cities and towns – believes Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk, MP of the New Left.

PiS has been scaring Poles with refugees for weeks. On the internet, the prime minister compares photos from the riots in France with beautiful pictures from Polish cities to demonic music and writes: “We don’t want such scenes on Polish streets.” For several days now, government television has been showing photos from France almost non-stop and linking them to the debate on refugees. – This is a particularly disgusting PiS election game – says Robert Tyszkiewicz, PO MP. The pretext is the EU negotiations on a new migration policy. Negotiations, which the Prime Minister said on Saturday in Kościerzyna that he did not agree to the dictates that flow from the EU. Mateusz Morawiecki talks again about the alleged compulsion to accept refugees by Poland and threatens again. Just like President Kaczyński at the meeting of “Gazeta Polska” Clubs. – The Prime Minister goes further into these lies. Why? Because he’s a liar. The prime minister of the Polish government is a liar – warns Cezary Tomczyk, PO MP.

Poland is already under migration pressure

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The EU idea of ​​relocating refugees assumes solidarity between countries. Yes, it says that countries will either accept some asylum seekers or will financially support those countries where refugees are already present. It’s just that countries under the so-called “migration pressure” will be exempt from this mechanism, such as Poland and the Czech Republic. – Poland hosts a million refugees from Ukraine. It is Poland that could benefit from European solidarity and will not be forced to do anything, says Ylva Johansson, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs. However, PiS continues to tell its story and scare refugees. – This is a thick thread game sewn to scare you – warns Robert Biedroń, MEP of the New Left.

– The incompetence of the authorities is covered by threatening with refugees – believes Katarzyna Lubnauer, an MP from Nowoczesna. – This is hypocrisy – says the leader of the PO. Tusk reminds the government that it has been pursuing the most liberal migration policy in Europe for years, allowing immigrants from Muslim countries en masse. – Let’s just not allow ourselves to be let into these PiS machines – appeals Cezary Tomczyk, PO MP. Despite the objections of Poland and Hungary, the EU will continue to work on the migration package.

Main photo source: Adam Warżawa/PAP

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