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Matura 2023 – questions from the Polish language revealed. The tasks were published by CKE

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This time it’s not an internet scam. Questions for the Polish matriculation examination are really open. From 2023, the rules of the game will change and that is why the Central Examination Commission has already published 280 tasks that can be drawn by high school graduates.

It has been known from 2017, when the former Minister of Education Anna Zalewska, decided to close lower secondary schools, that the matura exam will have to change in 2023. The restoration of the eight-year elementary school, four-year high school and five-year technical high school forced the creation of new core curricula, and the new foundations are automatically new external examinations – the eighth-grade exam and the reformed matura exam.


The secondary school-leaving examination will change for all subjects. Przemysław Czarnek, the minister of education and science, emphasizes that the new formula of the Matura exam is to raise the level. In March we wrote about the fact that the crossbar was hung very high. “Dramatically difficult”, “Nightmare”, “I cried over the informant for the first time” – such voices reached us not from future high school graduates, but from anxious teachers.

Not only written exams, but also oral ones will change. Therefore, at the beginning of the new school year, the Central Examination Commission published a list of matriculation questions.

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High school graduates before the examtvn24

What will they ask about at the matura exam?

The list prepared by CKE contains 280 issues broken down into specific readings. For example, there are eleven questions for the “Bible”, such as, for example: “Man in relationship with God. Discuss the issue based on the passages from the Book of Genesis that you know. In your answer, also consider the chosen context.”


As many as thirteen issues relate to the third part of “Dziady” by Adam Mickiewicz. High school graduates will be tested, inter alia, on the knowledge of “the functions of sleep and vision in a literary work” or “different relations between the heroes and God”.

Fifteen – that is, the most – issues concern “The Doll” by Bolesław Prus and “The Wedding” by Stanisław Wyspiański.

Why are the questions open?

– The questions are open, because it results from a change in the formula of the oral part of the exam – reminds Marcin Smolik, director of CKE. – Students will answer two questions. One will come from a pool of open-ended questions that are purely reading. The second, secret, which the students will draw at the exam will resemble the current formula of the oral exam – she adds.

Director of the Central Examination Commission Marcin SmolikMateusz Marek / PAP

This means that high school graduates can receive, for example, a fragment of a text, a reproduction of an image, a photo of a sculpture and the related question.

– I think it is a bit of stress that accompanies the oral exam – says Smolik. – Preparation for these issues will be developmental, because this knowledge will also be useful for the written part of the exam. This, of course, does not mean that teachers should not discuss other topics related to reading. This is a list of issues for the oral exam, not a list of what the teacher is supposed to do in the lesson, she emphasizes.

Doll? Let’s talk about Marianna. And how wives differed from sex workers

Justyna Suchecka on the new reading canon TVN24

Matura exam and the pandemic

Initially, the matura exam in 2023 was supposed to be more difficult, among other things, because on the exam in an additional subject, at the extended level, the ministry wanted to introduce a pass threshold. Today there is no such threshold, this part of the exam cannot be failed.

Due to the pandemic and the prolonged distance learning, Minister Czarnek decided that in 2023 there would be no final exam threshold.

Justyna Suchecka answers the question of an internet user about an oral high school diplomaTVN24


At tvn24.pl, we will be looking at the ideas of Minister Przemysław Czarnek and his advisers in the coming school year. We will translate the official language of laws and regulations into the language of school practice. We will assess with the experts whether what is behind these ideas and proposed solutions will be beneficial for students and teachers. We will check whether the autonomy of schools is under threat. And will parents really have an impact on the education and upbringing of their children? All this – articles, interviews, videos, interactive infographics, research reports – can be found on our website under the slogan #continuously.

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