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Matura 2023. Today, the Polish language at an extended level and exams in the languages ​​of national minorities

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Written exams in Polish at the advanced level are the morning exam schedule for Wednesday. In the afternoon there will be written tests in the languages ​​of national minorities, also at the advanced level. These are not compulsory exams. They are written by those who have declared such a will.

This year, the matura exams are carried out in two formulas. In the new formula (Formula 2023), this year’s graduates of four-year general secondary schools take the exams. This year’s graduates of technical secondary schools who completed a four-year technical school and graduates of second-degree vocational schools pass their matura exam in the old formula (Formula 2015).

Along with this year’s graduates, graduates from previous years also take exams.

Polish language at an advanced level

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56.3 thousand people declared their willingness to take the Polish language exam at the advanced level. This year’s graduates of general secondary schools, technical and second-level vocational schools.

The Polish language taken at the advanced level is in third place when it comes to the choice among high school graduates (about 42.9 thousand of high school graduates, i.e. 27.1 percent of them want to take it), and among high school graduates from technical and secondary schools second degree industry studies is in fourth place (about 13.4 thousand T and BSII graduates want to take it, i.e. 11.7 percent of them).

The Polish language exam at the advanced level starts at 9.00.

Languages ​​of national minorities at the advanced level

As far as exams in national minority languages ​​are concerned, 57 of this year’s graduates of general secondary schools, technical and vocational schools declared their willingness to take the Ukrainian language at the extended level, 31 graduates of the Belarusian language at the extended level, and 20 graduates of the Lithuanian language.

The exam will start at 14.00.

Ten things you need to know before the exam 2023

Compulsory matura exams

The high school graduate must take three compulsory written exams at the basic level: in Polish, in mathematics and in a foreign language. Graduates from schools or classes with the language of instruction of national minorities also have to take a written exam in their native language at the elementary level. Everyone must also take two oral exams: in Polish and in a foreign language. Secondary school graduates from schools for national minorities must also take an oral exam in their mother tongue.

Polish language exam at the basic level was moved on the first day of matriculation – May 4, az languages ​​of national minorities at the basic level – Tuesday, May 16.

Matura exam in Polish at the 13th Secondary School in SzczecinPAP/Marcin Bielecki

High school graduates must also take one written exam at the advanced level (in the case of a modern foreign language at the extended or bilingual level), i.e. the so-called optional or optional item. Those who are willing can take up to six exams at the advanced level.

Advanced level exams

Among the elective subjects taken at the advanced level are: biology, chemistry, philosophy, physics, geography, history, history of art, history of music, computer science, Latin and ancient culture, social studies, languages ​​of national and ethnic minorities, regional language, and also mathematics, Polish and modern foreign languages. Since elective examinations are taken at the advanced level, this group also includes – at this level – subjects that are compulsory at the basic level.

Graduates of a technical upper secondary school and graduates of a 2nd degree vocational school are not obliged to take an exam in one additional subject at the advanced level if they have met all the conditions necessary to obtain a diploma confirming vocational qualifications or a vocational diploma in a profession taught at the technician level. According to the Central Examination Commission, this year 782 high school graduates (0.7 percent of this year’s graduates of technical and industry schools) will not take any subject at the advanced level.

Declarations of willingness to take one exam in an additional subject were made by 57.2 percent. this year’s graduates of technical and secondary vocational schools. Two exams – according to declarations – 26.9% are to pass, three exams – 12.5%, four exams – 2.2%, five exams – 0.4%, six exams – 0.1%.

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As for this year’s graduates of general secondary schools, declarations of willingness to take one exam in an additional subject were made by 21.5 percent. According to declarations, 35.6% of students are to take two exams. high school graduates, three exams – 34.9 percent, four exams – 7.2 percent, five exams – 0.7 percent, six exams – 0.1 percent.

What is the prerequisite for passing the exam

Regardless of whether it is an exam in the new or in the old formula, it is conducted on the basis of exam requirements. They constitute a narrowed catalog of requirements specified in the core curriculum of general education.

To pass the exam, a graduate must obtain a minimum of 30%. points in compulsory exams. In the case of an elective subject, there is no passing threshold, the result of the exam is used only for admission to studies.

A high school graduate who is a laureate or finalist of a subject olympiad, and has declared a willingness to take it at the matura exam, is exempt from taking the matriculation exam in this subject and automatically receives 100 percent. points possible to obtain from the exam in this subject.

Main photo source: PAP/Marcin Bielecki

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