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Matura 2023. Ukrainian language exam. 33 students approached him

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On Tuesday afternoon, the matura exam in Ukrainian took place. A total of 33 graduates approached him. Among the topics on the exam were an analysis of a poem by Vasyl Symonenko about love for the homeland and a description of family relations based on the novel by Ivan Nechuj-Levytsky.

On Tuesday afternoon, 33 graduates in the country took the written exam in the Ukrainian language at the basic level. Most of them in the high school in Górów Iławeckie – 27, five in Przemyśl and one in Legnica.

Aleksandra Łatanyszyn, deputy director of the School Complex with the Ukrainian Language of Teaching in Górowo Iławeckie, said that the exam went smoothly. – Exam participants were satisfied. They said the themes were approachable and they handled it well, she said.

Ten things you need to know before the exam 2023

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The first topic concerned the analysis of Vasyl Symonenko’s poem “Swans of Motherhood”. On its basis, it was necessary to present various manifestations of love and refer to a selected piece of Ukrainian literature. The second task was to consider family relations in Ukrainian literature. The writers were to do it on the basis of Iwan Neczuj-Łewycki’s novel “The Kajdasza Family”, also referring to another selected work.

Test takers’ reactions

– I chose the second topic, because this reading suited me better than analyzing a poem. In my opinion, the tasks were pleasant, the topics for the essay were easy and the final exam went very well – said Taras, who finished writing as one of the first. His colleague – Ivan said that he also chose the second topic. – As for me, the final exam was easy, we had it at school, in the core curriculum – he added. In accordance with the long-standing custom of the Górowo high school, the graduates came to their final exams dressed in traditional “soroczki”, i.e. shirts embroidered in Ukrainian folk patterns.

No war refugees among high school graduates

Most of this year’s high school graduates in Górowo Iławeckie are young people from families of Ukrainian origin, living in Warmia and Mazury. Five are citizens Ukrainewhose parents work in Poland. Among the graduates, however, there are no war refugees who would come after Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The written exam in the national language is obligatory for graduates from schools for national minorities at the primary level. Those willing can also take it at the advanced level on Wednesday afternoon.

Main photo source: TVN24

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