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Matura 2024. The results are in. How to check them?

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As of 8:30 on Tuesday, high school graduates can check their results for this year's final exams. Their performance will determine whether they get into their dream college. How to check your final exam results?

On Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. the Central Examination Board published the results of this year's matriculation exams, which took place both in the main date in May and in the additional date in June. To check them, you should log in to the ZIU system (Integrated User Interface), by entering the login and password received in advance from the school principal, tutor or other teacher. This can also be done using a trusted profile, e-ID or electronic banking.

On the same day, high school graduates who passed the Matura exam can also collect their Matura certificate, annexes and certificates of results at their schools. In a situation where graduates are unable to collect these documents in person, they can authorize another close person to do so. Graduates who did not pass the Matura exam will receive information about the results of this exam prepared by the district examination board

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Matura 2024. When are the retakes?

To pass the Matura exam, you must obtain at least 30 percent of the points that can be obtained in the exam in each compulsory subject in the oral and written part, and take the written part of the exam in one additional subject at an advanced level. The exam will be failed if the student does not meet even one of these conditions.

Students who did not achieve the required result in at least one of the compulsory matriculation exams at the basic level can take retake exams. This year, they will be held on August 20-21. The results of the retake exams will be known on September 10.

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