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Max is already in Poland. 27,000 hours of content, 29 live channels. The “streaming revolution” has begun

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The Max platform, already known to foreign viewers, is now available in Poland. It offers as many as 27,000 hours of on-demand content and access to 29 live channels. The former include “iconic series” from HBO, such as “Friends” and “Succession”, “film hits” such as “Barbie” or “Dune: Part Two” and excellent Polish productions. Live channels include news channels including: TVN24 and CNN.

– Max is supposed to be a streaming revolution. It will combine major Warner Bros. productions, HBO series, TVN entertainment and Discovery documentaries with live channels – announced Monika Krajewska, journalist of “Fakty” TVN, during the official premiere of Max in Poland. – In a few days, the long-awaited HBO series “Road of the Dragon” will be available at Max, and in a few weeks Max will become the home of the Olympic Games in Paris. Every minute of our athletes' struggles, every batted ball, every second on the court and every medal will be visible in Max.

– Max has one slogan: “there's something to see here.” This is not just a promise, this is a fact. Max will be a place that will combine the gigantic HBO Max library and the Player library. There will also be Discovery, Cartoon Network, all in one place. There has never been such a platform before, emphasized Dorota Eberhardt, program director of Max in Poland.

In an interview with TVN24 on June 11, a few hours after the Polish premiere of Max, Eberhardt said: – 27,000 programs have been uploaded, from today you can find them, that is twice as many as were on HBO Max (…) From today, “Skazana 4”, the grand finale, not only in Poland, in 20 European countries you can watch “Skazana”.

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As she added, “'Road of the Dragon' is coming soon, next Friday, the second season.” – I admit that I saw the first episode, it looks spectacular. One episode costs over $20 million, the entire second series was shot for 270 days, two and a half thousand crew members were on set, 50,000 arrows were used…

This year – announces Dorota Eberhardt – in Max you will also be able to watch the series “Penguin” with Colin Farrell, “Dune: The Prophecy”, taking place 10,000 years before the action of the cinematic “Dune”, next year “The Last of Us” will return , “White Lotus” and “Euphoria”, and “most likely in 2026” the Harry Potter series will premiere.

As for Polish series, the programming director of the Max platform in Poland invites you to watch “Skazana 4”, and soon also to the continuation of “Thaw” and “Szadzia”. He also announces new “bolder, even more controversial” productions this year, including: “Lady Love” about the world of the 1980s and the adult film industry.

Dorota Eberhardt also commented on the issue of coverage of the Olympics: – Max will be the place where you will be able to see every minute of every sports discipline during the Games, much more than what we have been able to offer viewers on the channels so far.

“Closer, stronger and better.” Max is already in Poland

Head of streaming Warner Bros. Discovery in Poland Maciej Gozdowski announced in an earlier conversation with TVN24that on Max you will be able to find “absolute movie hits” such as “Barbie” or “Dune: Part Two”, “iconic series” from HBO, such as “Friends” and “Succession”, as well as “the entire TVN library”. He also emphasized the unprecedented share of Polish content in the website's entire library.

– Max, with Polish resources, thanks to Polish creators, thanks to Polish know-how, will produce productions that will then be distributed around the world. These will be local productions that, I hope, will be a global success. For all of us, for the creators and for the viewers, this is a very, very important event – said actor Krzysztof Czeczot. The local content he mentioned includes: the series “Skazana”, the final season of which was released on the Max platform on the day of its premiere.

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– For me, the most important things on TV, in a movie, in a series are emotions, plot and hero. This gives Max. Closer, stronger and better – summed up Malwina Wędzikowska, TV presenter and stylist.

Max – subscription offer

Existing users of HBO Max, of which Max is the successor, automatically gained access to Max. They have retained their previous profiles, viewing history and titles in the “continue watching” and “my list” sections. Detailed information on the terms of use of the new platform was sent to them by e-mail.

New users of the website will be able to use it after purchasing one of the three available packages. The cheapest of them costs PLN 19.99 per month or PLN 199 if paid for the whole year. The slightly more expensive Standard Package costs PLN 29.99 per month or PLN 299 per year. The Premium package costs PLN 49.99 per month or PLN 499 per year.

Each package can be additionally expanded with access to 25 live channels and sports broadcasts. The cost of the extension is PLN 20 per month. Detailed information about the package offer can be found here here.

Max is part of the Warner Bros. group. Discovery, owner of, among others, TVN24.

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Main photo source: HBO MAX, Hulton Archive/Getty Images, Warner Bros. Pictures, x-news

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