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Max. New season of “Skazana” on a new platform – when will it premiere

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Surprising plots, well-known and completely new characters. – All new characters that appear here immediately become audience favorites – says actress Gabriela Muskała, speaking on TVN24 about the new season of “Skazana”. What can we expect from new episodes of the well-known production?

The first episode of the fourth season of “Skazana” will be available to watch on Max from June 11. The new streaming platform will debut in Poland on the same day. In the new episodes of “Skazana” we will see the stars of previous seasons. Agata Kulesza, playing the role of judge Alicja Mazur, admitted before the premiere of the fourth season of “Skazana” that it is “very dense in events” and “fragmented”. – Sometimes plots really take place and some of them take place not only in prison, but also in freedom – said the actress in an interview with TVN24.

“Condemned”, season 4x-news

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“Skazana” on the Max platform. New season

Leszek Lichota, who played the role of Michał Kraszecki, noted that in the fourth season of “Skazana” we will see “very diverse, interesting characters”. – Besides, there is a whole criminal story – emphasized the actor.

Leszek Lichota in the fourth season of “Skazana”TVN

The new season is not only about characters known from previous episodes of “Skazana”. – There are new faces, actually each of them creates an amazing character – said Gabriela Muskała, the series' star Dorota Wójcik, in an interview with TVN24. – This is also the strength of this series that all the new characters that appear here immediately become audience favorites. This is something wonderful – added the actress.

Gabriela Muskała in the fourth season of “Skazana”TVN

“Skazana” series

“Skazana” has so far been available to watch on Player. The series tells the story of judge Alicja Mazur, who is wrongly accused of murder and goes to prison. Behind bars, she must survive among women whom she herself has previously sentenced. He tries to survive and at the same time prove his innocence.

In 2024, “Skazana” was chosen “Player's Best Series” in the Top Series plebiscite. A year earlier, the production received a Telekamera award in the “Serial” category. In 2022, she was honored with the Tytanowy Oko award in the Polish television production category during the PIKE gala.

The Max platform belongs to the Warner Bros. group. Discovery, of which TVN24 is also a part.

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