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May 2023 in Krakow. What to do in the city during a long weekend? Parties, concerts and other events [lista]

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You can’t get bored in Krakow during the May weekend – regardless of whether we are newcomers or have lived here all our lives, the capital of Lesser Poland will always offer us plenty of attractions to choose from, especially on the May weekend. A long weekend is an opportunity to discover new exhibitions, go to a concert or take part in other interesting events. We suggest where to look.

The picnic in 2023 starts on Saturday, April 29 and will last until May 3 (Wednesday). In our guide, you can check where you can relax in Krakow and what events are planned during the long weekend. Regardless of whether you are a tourist or a resident of the former capital of Poland, everyone will find something for themselves – and we are not necessarily talking about visiting the monuments for which the royal city is famous.

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May 2023 in Krakow. concerts

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There will be plenty of events for sound lovers over the long weekend. Lovers of Latin music will find an offer for themselves, for whom on Saturday (April 29) at the Globus Music Club at 8 p.m will occur Dear Morena. It comes from Cuba singer, living in Poland for many years, and her repertoire consists of indigenous Cuban melodies with lively and thrilling rhythms to dance. Also on Saturday, but a bit earlier because at 6.30 p.m., Main Post Office Meeting Club his concert as part of the tour “I love and miss the tour” will start Zalia – a young Polish singer and composer of alternative music. Her concert was moved from March due to her health at the time.

Sunday (May 1) is the day when jazz fans combined with electronic sounds await musical experiences. At 7 p.m The Jaszczurami Club concert is scheduled Filip Zoltowski Quartet. On Monday (May 2) on the other side of the Main Square artists of Piwnica Pod Baranami will invite you to concert of interwar songs. It will be a colorful musical spectacle with hits such as “The Last Sunday”, “I made an appointment with her at nine”, “Never again” or “Love will forgive you everything”. Start at 19.00.

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At the same time as the concert in Piwnica Pod Baranami, w ICE Congress Centre doors will open before the concert of one of the most famous rock guitarists in the world. Steve Vaiwho comes to Poland for a few days’ visit, will appear on the Krakow stage at 20.

Steve VaiShutterstock

May 2023 in Krakow. Krakow Singing Lesson

We stay in musical climates, but this time we will not only listen, but we will become co-creators of the concert ourselves. Krakow Singing Lesson is a series of events that have become a permanent part of the musical landscape of Krakow. The event usually takes place on the occasion of various holidays, most often national, but also religious, such as Christmas. The edition, which will take place on Wednesday (May 3), is of course related to the National Constitution Day of May 3rd.

Krakow Singing LessonBoguslaw Swierzowski, krakow.pl

During the Krakow Singing Lesson, residents and tourists gathered in front of the stage receive songbooks and sing songs related to a given holiday together with the performing actors. The title of the next edition will be “Majowa dawn”. On small Patriotic songs will be sung from 5 pm. The Polish Song Library, which organized the event, prepared two thousand free songbooks.

May 2023 in Krakow. Mastercard OFF CAMERA

16th edition of the International Mastercard OFF CAMERA Independent Cinema Festival in Krakow will start this Friday (April 28), it will last throughout the May weekend and the following days, ending only on Sunday, May 7. So there will be many days to find the right points of the program, which, as usual, is filled with interesting proposals from rising stars of cinema.

Mastercard OFF CAMERA festivalRobert Słuszniak, offcamera.pl

As part of the festival, there will be two competitions: the Main “Making the Way” and the Polish Feature Films Competition. There are also other sections such as “Ahoy Adventure!”, “American Independents” and “Festival Hits”. One of the most interesting points of the program, especially for the May weekend, will be film screenings at the Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University. The new outdoor point on the festival map will allow you to experience film sensations in a unique, green environment.

May 2023 in Ojców and at the Krakow zoo

If a more tempting option than Krakow itself on a sunny day was a trip outside the city, our guide on the most interesting places in the vicinity of the capital of Lesser Poland comes with help. Most of them can be reached by car in less than an hour. However, what if we do not have a car or prefer to travel by public transport?

Ojców National Parkojcowskiparknarodowy.pl

Then it is worth considering using the solution prepared by Krakow officials. On Saturday in May (April 29), buses of the recreational line number LR0 will leave Krakow again, running on the route from the Podwawelskie estate to castle in Ojców. From the long weekend, these buses will run on Saturdays and bank holidays from around 8am to 7pm, approximately every 35 minutes.

Buses with trailers for bicycles will be used to service selected courses, however, loading and unloading bicycles will be possible only at the start and end stops.

During the weekend, a short city bus line (no. 134) will run from the car park at the zoo to the zoo. And in the zoo you can see, among others, a completely new one, because it opened in March, pavilion for pygmy hippos.

A pavilion for pygmy hippos in the Krakow zooBoguslaw Swierzowski, krakow.pl

May 2023 in Krakow. Workshops for children

With an offer for the youngest during the picnic came, among others, Krakow Museum of Engineering and Technology in Krakow. Children who will come to the facility on Saturday (April 29) will be able to take part in modeling workshops under the name “BMW or Porsche?”. “Fast, comfortable or capacious? What cars will we drive in the future? The participants of our modeling workshops will have a lot of time before they face such a choice. Nevertheless, we will do a little warm-up and make a car model” – we read in the description of the event. Start at 14:00, advance booking required.

The museum itself is worth visiting not only because of the offer for children, but also to see the facility after modernization and the opening of a new permanent exhibition. Exhibition under the name “City. Technosensitivity” This is, as the museologists argue, “the first such a broad story in Poland about the development of engineering thought, its impact on the transformation of the city and the lives of its inhabitants”.

The exhibition “City. Technosensitivity” at the Museum of Engineering and Technology in KrakowBoguslaw Swierzowski, krakow.pl

It has also prepared an offer for the youngest MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow. Workshops will take place on Saturday at 12 noon and later at 2.30 pm “Active reading. What does the body hide?. Celebrating the day of dance, we will pay some attention to our own bodies to find out what our bodies hide. Thanks to colored glasses, we will discover what is hidden, we read on the institution’s website. In practice, the workshops for children up to the age of eight will consist in reading together the book “What hides the body?” and participating in games related to its content. Advance registration is required.

May 2023 in Krakow. New exhibitions

The long weekend in May is not only a chance to catch up with culture, but also to get to know completely new proposals of Krakow’s museums. Wawel Royal Castle it is certainly one of the obligatory points of a trip to Krakow, and with the recently opened exhibition “Beksiński Sculptures”. This is the first monographic exhibition of sculptures by this artist, known primarily for his paintings. Interestingly, the exhibition was placed in the Wawel gardens.

Exhibition “Beksiński. Sculptures” in the gardens of the Wawel Royal CastlePAP/Łukasz Gągulski

It can be a slightly less obvious spot for tourists MuFoThat is Museum of Photography in Krakow. Just for the May weekend, the facility opens completely a new exhibitionwhere you can see the works of three artists: Zuzanna Janin, Jadwiga Maziarska and Maria Pinińska-Bereśon topics related to identity, the body and the role of women. The photos can be viewed on a guided tour of the museum’s branch MuFo of the Josephites.

Maria Pinińska-Bereś, “Author’s Banner”, color diapositive, 1979mufo.krakow.pl

In turn, he invites you to the exhibition devoted to Jerzy Nowosielski, which opened in mid-April National Museum in Krakow. Exposure “Nowosielski. On the 100th birthday anniversary” presents three threads in the work of one of the most famous contemporary iconographers: landscape, body and abstraction.

Another spring novelty is the exhibition already mentioned in our guide “City. Technosensitivity” at the Museum of Engineering and Technology in Krakow.

Jerzy Nowosielski, “Sunrise”, 1965National Museum in Krakow, krakow.pl

May 2023 in Krakow. Festivals

On the May weekend in Krakow – apart from Off Camera – two festivals are planned, which will take place simultaneously, in the same place and time. This Full Fest! and States of Mind Festival. The first of them, as the name suggests, is an offer for gourmands and gourmets. “There will be plenty of good food, candy, ice cream, craft liquors and bubbles!” – the organizers assure.

In turn, the States of Mind Festival is “an event promoting a holistic approach to life in the slow style, ecology, work with body and spirit, and holistic human well-being”. Yoga accessories, incense, natural fabrics, handicrafts, jewelry and many other items, offered by about a hundred exhibitors. Both events will take place on Saturday and Sunday (May 29 and 30) in the meadow in front of Hala Cracovia on ul. Focha 40 in Krakow.

May 2023 in Krakow. A walk in the new park

In Krakow, walks are possible not only on Boulevards, Błonia Park or Jordan Park – which are probably the most popular places for a walk in the city. There are a lot of more or less populated places to choose from, and the May weekend is an ideal opportunity to get to know the revitalized Bednarski Park.

Bednarski Park in Krakow after renovationJan Graczynski, krakow.pl

For residents, there are alleys, a vantage point, a roofed gazebo, as well as a reconstructed Gardener’s House. The most important aspect of the renovation of the park, located in the center of the old part of Podgórze, was the historical aspect. The project assumed restoring its historical character based on archival materials and obtained conservation guidelines, so that it resembled its original shape from the end of the 19th century.

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