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May 2023. One day off, five days off

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The picnic in 2023 will start on April 29. This is an opportunity for a long rest, especially for some students who can count on up to 10 days of extra time off due to their final exams. But employees can benefit too. We check how best to take time off in the near future.

This year Labor Day, celebrated on May 1, falls on a Monday. We have the second of May Flag Daywho is not statutory free from work, and on May 3th we will not go to work because of the Constitution Day on May 3th. It means that it is enough to take one day off, May 2, to enjoy as many as five days off (29 and 30 April, 1-3 May).

Unfortunately, this is the only opportunity this month. The next one will happen in June. Then you should take one day off on Friday, June 9, after Corpus Christi falling out the day before, to be able to rest for 4 days without a break.

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Employee’s right to leave

But what if someone wants to work? Can an employer order you to take leave on May 2? Pursuant to the provisions of the Labor Code, leave should be annual, uninterrupted and paid. The employer grants it at the employee’s request and in accordance with the schedule for a given year.

Recently, employers have often encouraged employees to take leave on days such as May 2, when they are entitled to a day off on adjacent days. However, keep in mind that these can only be incentives. The employer has no right to force us to take a day off.

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May weekend for students in 2023. 10 days off due to final exams

Normally, school principals decide that May 2 is a day off from classes, so students will have a long weekend almost automatically.

What’s more, slightly older students can count on additional days off due to the Matura exams, which will start this year on May 4 and will also take place on May 5 and 8. So that older students can write their final exams in peace, students have free time from classes. Including May Day, we have 10 days in total – from April 29 to May 8.

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