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May weekend 2023. 3 days of vacation will turn May weekend into a 9-day rest – when to take a vacation?

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The picnic this year can turn into even a nine-day rest. By taking 3 days of leave, we will be able to take advantage of as many as 9 days of rest – noted the payroll specialist Grzegorz Pawłowski. He emphasized that “the length of rest has a positive effect on whether we will feel regenerated and motivated to continue working after returning.”

There are a total of 13 public holidays per year in the calendar. Holidays falling on working days are an opportunity to extend your rest by taking single days off and combining holidays with weekends. Such a solution is possible in the coming days.

Both May 1 and May 3, which are public holidays, fall on working days.

Longer vacation in May

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Labor Day, celebrated on May 1, falls on Monday, and because two days later is the Constitution Day on May 3, it is enough to take one day off (May 2) to enjoy a five-day picnic. In order to enjoy nine days off in a row, we must take two additional days off (May 4-5).

Payroll specialist Grzegorz Pawłowski pointed out that 9 days of rest from work will positively affect the mood of employees. – The length of the rest has a positive effect on whether we will feel regenerated and motivated to continue working after our return – Pawłowski indicated in an interview with the Polish Press Agency.

He pointed out that days off are the best way to relieve stress, which has a devastating effect on our professional and private lives, and that it is worth taking advantage of the possibility of longer rest.

The opportunity for another long weekend will be in June, traditionally on the occasion of the celebration of the Blessed Body and Blood of Christ, which is always on Thursday, i.e. Corpus Christi. This year, Corpus Christi falls on June 8, which means that taking a day off on Friday, June 9, will give you a four-day weekend.

PAP/Maciej Zieliński, Adam Ziemienowicz

In 2024, the picnic is as favorable as in the current one: May 1 – Wednesday, May 3 – Friday.

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