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May weekend 2023 in the mountains. Where to go for the long May weekend. Interesting places in the Tatras, Bieszczady, Beskids

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Polish mountains can offer many attractions for the long May weekend. This is a very popular destination for the May weekend and we are talking here not only about Zakopane, but also about many other mountain towns more or less distant from large centers. What are the most interesting places to spend May 2023 in the Polish mountains? We suggest.

May weekend in 2023 starts on Saturday, April 29 and will last until May 3 (Wednesday), although of course for some this period will be different depending on the work performed. We have prepared a list of suggestions of places where you can spend a longer holiday in the Polish mountains. This is a very popular destination for a few-day trip – no wonder, because the Tatras, Pieniny or Beskids have a lot to offer. What exactly? About it in our guide to the most interesting proposals to spend a May weekend in the Polish mountains.

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May weekend 2023 in Zakopane. Not only Krupówki

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The capital of the Tatra Mountains, Zakopane, is famous not only for its proximity to the mountains, but also for its many attractions prepared for tourists, beautiful architecture and rich history. Krupówki are called the most famous promenade in Poland and if someone has not had the opportunity to take a walk around this unique place, this year’s May weekend may be a good time for it. On Krupówki, in addition to a rich commercial and gastronomic offer, there are also unique places, such as the historic headquarters Tatra Museum or wooden villas “Poraj” and “Zośka”.

Krupówki in ZakopaneShutterstock

For those who go to the mountains primarily for the proximity of nature, the offer will be perfect Natural Education Center of the Tatra National Park. There is, among others, the largest model of the Tatra Mountains in Poland, a cave recreated in the building, as well as many exhibits related to the nature of the highest Polish mountains. There is also a discovery room where children can get to know the forests and the animals that live in them using games.

On the other hand, those who are fascinated by highlander culture and history will find an interesting offer in the “Koliba” villa, which is the The Museum of the Zakopane Style Stanisław Witkiewicz. The building itself is the first one built in the Zakopane style – designed by Witkiewicz.

In Zakopane, you can also take a walk around Wielka Krokiew – the largest and most famous ski jump in Poland. An obligatory point of the trip is also a souvenir photo on Gubałówkawhich can be reached on foot, by car or by cable car.

Wielka Krokiew will host the participants of the Polish Championships

Wielka Krokiew in winterWielka Krokiew will host the participants of the Polish ChampionshipsEurosport

May weekend 2023 in the Tatra Mountains. Which trail to choose?

A trip to the mountains, especially during this period and in the highest Polish mountains, should always be well planned. Safety is in the first place, so before packing a backpack, it is absolutely necessary read the TOPR avalanche reports, tourist information of the Tatra National Park and check the weather forecast. The more so that even the beginning of May can still hit with a winter breath, cover it with white powder and surprise with icy trails. Similar security measures also apply in other mountain regions that we describe in this guide, so proper preparation for the trip is necessary.

When it comes to practical tips, remember that admission to the Tatra National Park is payable (the fee can be paid on site or in advance via mobile applications), and parking in places can be not only very expensive, but also difficult due to the heavy tourist traffic.

For beginners, one of the most charming and at the same time easy trails is the one leading through Chocholowska Valley. The route from the car park in Siwa Polana to the shelter and back is less than 15 kilometers in total. For the most part, it runs through almost flat terrain, so it should take four to five hours of leisurely walking to complete the entire route (both ways). The trails leading to are also very popular Kościeliska Valley (eight kilometers one way, about two hours of walking) i Morskie Oko (the length of the route from Polanica is similar to the Kościeliska Valley). From Morskie Oko, in turn, you can get further to the charming The Valley of Five Polish Ponds – however, this is already a journey, during which it is necessary to pay attention to possible winter conditions that may be encountered along the way.

Blooming crocuses in the Chochołowska ValleyPAP/Grzegorz Momot

It is also a beautiful place to wander The path over the Regle. Its total length is about 17 kilometers, so it’s better not to plan to walk it both ways on one day – unless you set off very early and are sure of your fitness, because the whole thing would take 12 hours or more without longer stops. However, you can successfully choose the sections of this tourist route that suit you. The easiest way to start your journey from Zakopane is from Kalatówki. The trail leads, among others, through White Pass, Red Pass (from where, under the right conditions, you can get to Sarnia Skała), Great Lesser Poland Glade Whether Koscieliska Valley.

Another inconspicuous, but certainly worth recommending, choice is Hall on Tables, located on the Kościeliska Valley. The hike is easy and rewards with extraordinary views.

The Valley of Five Polish Ponds

May weekend 2023 in the Bieszczady Mountains. Tarnica, Smerek and “Chatka Pooh”

You can’t be bored in the Bieszczady Mountains for sure. The highest peak of Podkarpacie – Tarnica – will surely offer tourists an unforgettable view. The shortest way to Tarnica is from the village of Wołosate (a little over two hours), while from Ustrzyki Górne, the eight-kilometre route takes over three hours of walking.


In this area, you can recommend a picturesque trail leading, among others, through Bukowe Berdo, Przełęcz pod Tarnica (a kind of crossroads of tourist trails) and Wide Peak – however, it can take up to six hours to reach each of these places in a single hike.

When visiting the Bieszczady Mountains, it is also difficult to miss the iconic place, which is the highest located shelter in these mountains, i.e “Pooh’s Hut”. This place is unique since last year reopened to tourists. Previously, it was not possible to visit the shelter due to ongoing reconstruction. They can be found on Połonina Wetlińska near Hasiakowa Skała. The trail leading there from Przełęcz Wyżna can be covered in less than an hour and a half in favorable conditions. From “Chatka Pooh” you can reach, among others, the nearby peak Smerek.

May weekend 2023 in the Bieszczady Mountains. Lake Solina

The surroundings are an excellent choice for a picnic Solińskie Lake. The lake can be admired not only while relaxing on the beach or arranging a long hike along one of the many tourist trails. It is also a great proposition for lovers of two wheels, because there is a bicycle path around the lake, suitable for both professionals and complete amateurs. You can choose different variants of the route, some of which are even several dozen kilometers long.

A popular place for excursions in Solina is located on the lake dam on Lake Solina – the highest in Poland. It can be visited, but it is forbidden to take photos and videos throughout the power plant, as well as bring dogs and even bring in switched-on smartphones. Sightseeing is only possible with a guide.

Recently, Lake Solina can also be seen from a bird’s eye view – from a height of about one hundred meters. Last year there was a gondola lift, which consists of 25 eight-passenger carriages moving along a one-and-a-half-kilometer route. They have also been put into use Observation Tower and glass walkway.

May weekend 2023 in Pieniny. Three Crowns and the ruins of the castle

One of the most famous and most popular peaks in Poland are undoubtedly Three Crownsso this year’s picnic may be an opportunity to catch up or refresh yourself with this extraordinary location.

Three CrownsPiotr Pawelczyk/Shutterstock

Although the top looks quite difficult to climb, it is not at all. As it happens with the mountains – it does not mean that we should not be afraid of it at all, but with common sense we will go through the whole thing without much problem in about four hours. The whole, i.e. a seven-kilometre long trail from Sromowce Niżne.

Being in the massif of the Three Crowns, it is also worth planning a visit to the Pieniny National Park ruins of the 14th-century Pieniny Castle. A few years ago, they were closed for renovation, but they are now open to the public.

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May weekend 2023 in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains

Swietokrzyskie Mountains is a good choice for people who avoid crowds of tourists who come regularly, for example, to Zakopane, and at the same time appreciate extraordinary nature. Świętokrzyskie is a closer choice for those who go to the mountains from the central and northern part of Poland than the Tatras or the Bieszczady Mountains.

One of the most famous attractions of these mountains is Paradise cave in Chęciny, which is one of the most spectacular karst caves in Poland. This place can only be visited with a guide. In the neighborhood, because in Nowa Słupia, you can visit it The Museum of Ancient Metallurgy in Świętokrzyskie. It was in this area that the ancient blast furnaces were found and are now on display.

The real pearl of a visit to the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, however, is a walk around Świętokrzyski National Park. In its heart – although formally outside the boundaries of the park – there are, among other things Sanctuary of the Holy Cross. On the peak of the same name (Święty Krzyż, otherwise: Łysiec) witches’ sabbaths were supposed to take place in the past – it was holy mountain of the Slavs.

Aerial view of the Order of the OblatesTVN24 archive

May 2023 in the Beskids

In the Beskids you can find a whole lot of interesting places for walking and active recreation. Among the most popular places in the Silesian Beskids, which must be included on the list to see, are the peaks located close to each other Chantoria and Equator, which can be visited from Ustroń. One of the most important peaks, however, are Skrzyczne in the vicinity of Szczyrk, which offers a green area, as well as a multitude of hiking and biking trails. Żywieckie Lake is also nearby.

SkrzyczneWikipedia | Ency

There is also a lot in the Beskids observation towersfrom which you can admire the panorama of the Carpathians. Such platforms can be found, for example, under the peak Babia Góra in Beskid Żywiecki, on Barania Gora in the Silesian Beskids, on Grzywacka Góra in Beskid Niski or – this is a proposal characteristic due to the “snail” shape of the platform – w Wola Krogulecka in Beskid Sądecki.

If you are going on a picnic in Beskid Sądecki, you cannot miss a visit to Krynica-Zdrójknown for its mineral waters. Similar centers are located nearby Piwniczna-Zdroj, Muszyna and Szczawnica.

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