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May weekend 2024. “Huge interest” in trips

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This year, 25 percent more customers may decide to go on a trip during the May weekend than last year – according to an analysis by experts from the website nazwa.pl. An increasingly large group of customers are families with children.

– Although most May weekend trips are still booked for two adults, almost one third of customers are families with children. We see year-on-year growth in this segment, said Dominik Miłowski, vice-president of product at nazwa.pl. As experts point out, “this year the long May weekend promises to be very attractive, due to the favorable arrangement of days in the calendar.”

They point out that “in the basic option, it is enough to take a vacation on May 2 to take a five-day break from work, or you can try a more “advanced” version and take a nine-day rest with three days of vacation.”

“Huge interest” in May trips

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Experts informed that tour operators have prepared larger programs for this summer season, which conventionally starts with the May weekend.

“Since the May holiday was very popular many months in advance – many customers made reservations three or even more than three months before departure – travel agencies decided to add seats on the planes,” they explained.

They indicated that based on these data, it can be assumed that this year, the cumulative May Day sales on the foreign organized tourism market may be approximately 25 percent lower. higher than last year. The most popular destinations are Türkiye, Egypt and Greece. They indicated that these destinations owe their popularity to a good price-quality ratio, good hotel infrastructure, tourist attractions, but also high accessibility – you can fly there from many local airports. “This year we are going on holiday in May to relax, take advantage of the sun, the beach and good hotel infrastructure. It is best if there are water slides on the premises. This type of hotel is the most popular,” said Anna Podpora, head of product development at Wakacje.pl.

Poles most often choose all inclusive

Just like last year, the most frequently chosen form of meals is all inclusive, chosen by over 80%. customers. This is due to the mix of the most popular destinations – in Turkey and Egypt these formulas dominate. In second place are offers with two meals, accounting for approximately 12%. orders, in the case of breakfasts alone this percentage is less than 5%. Experts pointed out that the most popular destinations have become cheaper compared to the previous year – in the case of Turkey, the differences are on average PLN 80 per person less than a year ago, Egypt – almost PLN 290, and Greece – almost PLN 350. The cost of a trip to Tunisia has also dropped slightly, costing PLN 45 less than last year. – Tour operators have planned more seats on planes for this year than last year, which means that they have also expanded their hotel base. The offer also includes additional facilities, which makes it easier for them to negotiate more attractive rates. The drop in prices is also influenced by lower costs of purchasing aviation fuel and more favorable exchange rates, which Polish tourists benefit from both when purchasing a trip and when shopping in the place of stay – emphasizes Anna Podpora. Clients of travel agencies willingly fly from regional airports for extended weekends. The ports in Warsaw and Katowice are still the most popular, but Poznań, Wrocław, Gdańsk and Kraków also hold strong positions. This is, of course, related to the availability of offers from individual airports, experts said.

Wakacje.pl is a company that aggregates travel agency offers. The leading multi-agents operating on the Polish market also include travelplanet.pl and fly.pl.

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