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May weekend in Poland 2023. Where to go for the long May weekend? The most interesting places and ideas for the May weekend

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Where to go on May weekend? – this is the question most of us ask ourselves. In 2023, with good holiday planning, the long weekend in May can last up to nine days. This is the best opportunity for a short trip. Where is it worth going on a May weekend in Poland? We suggest.

Poland offers a whole range of tourist attractions. If you haven’t visited any region of Poland yet, it’s worth doing it now. Check in our guide where to go on a long weekend in Poland, what you can see, what to visit and where to relax.

May weekend 2023 by the sea. Where is worth going?

Baltic Sea for years it has been appreciated not only by domestic but also foreign tourists, which means that the prices of recreation often exceed those in the most famous foreign resorts. A fresh breeze and the iodine contained in it, sandy beaches, lighthouses, fishing boats and fresh fish are elements of seaside recreation that you simply cannot miss when spending your holidays in Pomerania.

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The total length of the Baltic coastline in Poland is 770 km, and attractions for visitors are scattered on the coast almost every kilometer. Most of them are, of course, well-known tourist locations, such as: the Sopot Pier and the Crooked Housethe Gdańsk shipyard and the old town, eagle cliff, Gdynia promenade and aquarium, moving dunes in Łeba, rocky beach in Jastrzębia Góra Whether helian sealariumbut there are still real tourist gems that are not visited by crowds.

The Sopot moloShutterstock

People who prefer a slightly quieter holiday, on a clean and much less crowded beach, will certainly appreciate the areas Vistula Spit. It is a narrow strip of land surrounded from the south by the waters of the Vistula Lagoon and from the north by the Baltic Sea, whose beaches are famous for amber. It is the main tourist destination Krynica Morskawhere you cannot miss the highest permanent dune in Europe – Camelback. It is also impossible not to mention Stegnawhich is the main hub of the narrow-gauge railway, and Sztutowo, best known for its tragic history, i.e. Stutthof Museumthe area of ​​the former Nazi concentration camp KL Stutthof.

May 2023. Long weekend in Wielkopolska

If you are planning to spend May weekend in Poznań, this year it is better to focus on attractions outside the city center – because it resembles a large construction site. A general renovation of the Old Market Square is underway, Plac Wolności is being dug up at the Bazar Hotel (the place from which Ignacy Jan Paderewski spoke to the crowd, which was the trigger for the outbreak of the Wielkopolska Uprising), the reconstruction of Święty Marcin Street is underway, so to the Imperial Castle, the last surviving residence of Adolf Hitler , without a shoe cleaning kit, there is also nothing to choose from.

You can visit it without any problems Ostrow Tumski. In the basement of the cathedral, you can see the tombs of the first Piast dynasty, including the alleged burial places Mieszko I and Boleslaw the Brave. From there – through Poznań Gatean interactive museum where the history of Ostrów Tumski and the role it played in the formation of the Polish State are told in a modern way – it is worth going to Śródka, the historic district of Poznań, filled with pubs and cafes. There is a lake right next to it Maltese. For the youngest, the narrow-gauge railway running along the shore will be an attraction Maltanka children’s trainwhich connects the Śródka roundabout with New Zoo. You can also relax actively by the Maltańskie Lake – the inhabitants of Poznań are happy to run, ride bicycles, rollerblades, and even go skiing on the year-round slope.

A good destination for a trip in the vicinity of Poznań will be Kórnik. It is a picturesque town located by the river, about 25 kilometers from Poznań Kórnickie Lake has quite a lot to offer, and the May weekend is a good time to visit it. The most important attraction is the Castle, a historic residence of historical families Górków and Działyński. The portrait of Teofila Działyńska in a white dress, hanging in the Dining Room, was the beginning the legend of the White Lady – one of the most famous ghosts in Polish castles. Visiting the 19th-century interiors of the castle is one thing, another obligatory point is visiting its garden. IN Kórnik Arboretum on 30 hectares you can admire one of the oldest and richest collections of woody plants in the country, numbering about 3,000 plants. The beginning of May is the time when magnolias begin to bloom, which attract hundreds of tourists to the town of Kórnik every year.

Kórnik Castle tvn24

After visiting the castle, it is worth taking a walk promenade by the lakestretching from Bnin to the Kórnik beach in Błonia, which can be reached by a pedestrian bridge connecting the two shores of the lake. As you walk through it, you pass through province – the birthplace of the Polish Nobel Prize winner Wisława Szymborskawhose 100th anniversary of birth falls this year. A charming monument-bench with a figure of the poet and a cat it is located on the promenade.

May 2023. Should I go to Wrocław?

The capital of Lower Silesia appears to be a great candidate for a few-day trip. The obvious direction will be sightseeing the market in Wrocław and the narrow, charming streets in its immediate vicinity or an evening walk along the City Moat. Those thirsty for culture can combine sightseeing with sensations for the spirit and check the repertoire National Forum of Music, Wrocław Opera or cinema New Horizonslocated several hundred meters apart.

It is worth finding a few hours and going east, into more museum-like atmospheres. Panorama Racławicka, the Museum of Architecture and the National Museum are addresses worth considering. The complex of islands adjacent to the Old Town is also a must see: Słodowa, Tamka, Sand, Mill, Bielarska, Daliowa and neighboring Ostrow Tumski.

Those who like to stick their nose outside the very center should go for a walk to the Odra River Downtown. Historic districts Nadodrze and Ołbinin addition to interesting tenement architecture, they offer a multitude of pubs, where everyone will find something for themselves.

However, it will be the pearl in the downtown crown Hall of the century and everything around – Four Domes Pavilion, Pergola, multimedia fountain, Japanese Gardenand a bit further as well Szczytnicki Park and – on the other side – the famous Wroclaw zoo.

May 2023 in Toruń and the surrounding area

Toruń is one of the most frequently visited Polish cities by tourists during the picnic. Perfect for a two-day getaway. It is a city located on the Vistula River, associated with Nicolaus Copernicus and gingerbread.

Being in Toruń, you must definitely visit the Gothic Toruń Old Town, which is on the UNESCO list. Old Town primarily climatic tenement houses, Artus Court, town hall, Copernicus House and of course the statue of the most famous Polish astronomer located in the heart of the city.

The Old Town of Toruń also has a rich hotel and catering base – restaurants, cafes, clubs and pubs. The most famous street in the old town – wide.

Toruń Old Towntorun.pl

May 2023 in Krakow. What do you have to see?

Tourists coming to Krakow the first steps lead to Marketwhere there are, among others, historic buildings Sukiennice, St. Mary’s Church, the town hall tower and the church of St. Wojciech. It also deserves attention Underground Market, a multimedia museum located under the Cloth Hall. From there, tourists can through plants go to Wawel. The museum offers several permanent and temporary exhibitions and sightseeing routes. It is waiting for visitors by the Vistula River Wawel Dragonwhose cave can also be visited, weather permitting.

Market Square in KrakowShutterstock

Those who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the very center of Krakow can go to Casimir or to one located on the other side of the Vistula foothills. There, historic tenement houses and churches, as well as numerous atmospheric cafes and restaurants await visitors. It looks especially impressive after dark church of st. Józef at Rynek Podgórski. Tourists who want to move even further away from the center can choose from Krakow’s lagoons, including the picturesque one Zakrzówek and The Nowohucki Reservoir. Visitors to Nowa Huta are very interested in the tourist route through air-raid shelters.

There are also many attractions in the immediate vicinity of Krakow. It is worth noting, among others Benedictine abbey in Tyniec, which is the oldest of the existing monasteries in Poland. Lovers of walks will like the valleys near Krakow, i.e. a landscape park that is a part of it Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowskalocated northwest of the city. You can visit them both on foot and by bike, and some of them can be reached by bus. 38 kilometers from Kraków, there is a picturesque village Lanckoronawith the ruins of a medieval castle and the historic buildings of the market square.

May weekend 2023 in the Bieszczady Mountains

Bieszczady for years they have been enjoying unflagging interest of tourists. Many people choose this corner of Poland for the May weekend. And if the Bieszczady Mountains – there are also pastures. For years, it has been the most popular among tourists Tarnica – the highest peak of the Polish Bieszczady Mountains, and Połonina Wetlińskawhere tourists can also find a rebuilt – once iconic – shelter Pooh’s hut. As reported by the management of the Bieszczady National Park, all trails and nature paths are open.


Lovers of beautiful views should also visit Musical, where an observation tower was built on the top of Jeleniowaty. In good weather, it offers beautiful views of the Bieszczady Mountains. Also worth seeing Duszatyńskie Lakesvisit bison demonstration farm in Muczne and peat bog in Tarnawa.

Recently, the Bieszczady landscapes can also be viewed from the trolley gondola liftwhich was established in Solina. The one and a half kilometer long route leads along the longest and highest water dam in Poland. A walk along the promenade on the dam is an inseparable element of rest in the Bieszczady Mountains for many tourists. Those willing can also visit the interior of this architectural colossus.

Gondola lift in SolinaPAP/Art Service 2

One of the biggest tourist attractions in the Bieszczady Mountains is undoubtedly the ride Bieszczady Forest Railway. The popular narrow-gauge, which used to transport timber years ago, has been carrying tourists for over two decades.

Amateurs of active recreation should go to Mineral Uherets and try a ride Bieszczady Bicycle Trolleys. In the neighborhood, at the Bieszczady School of Crafts, you can learn the secrets of calligraphy under the guidance of qualified instructors and bake proziaki – soda pancakes, for which Podkarpacie is famous.

May 2023 in Podlasie

You can also go to May weekend Podlasie and Bialystok. It is worth starting the trip with a visit to the capital of the voivodship, which is the main point of trips Baranicki’s Palace. Particularly interesting are the palace undergrounds, which can be visited after prior reservation made at the Museum of the History of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Medical University of Bialystok, located in the palace, at the number 85 748 54 67 or 85 748 54 05. During the May weekend, the cellars can be visited on Saturday (April 29) , Sunday (April 30) and Tuesday (May 2).

The Branicki Palace in BiałystokShutterstock

From Bialystok you can go to Supraślwhere you can stroll along the boulevards or visit Icon Museum (will be open throughout the May weekend except May 1). The same opening days will also be held by the Museum in Tykocin, which is located in the building of one of the oldest synagogues in Poland. It’s also worth going to Kruszynian and Bohonikwhere they have been preserved mosques and mizaraswhich have been declared Monuments of History. It is waiting for nature lovers Arboretum in Kopna Góra and Silvarium in Poczopek and located on the premises Białowieża Forest Bison Demonstration Reserve.

Bialowieza Forest

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