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May weekend in Pomerania. Where is it worth going outside the Tri-City? Attractive places worth visiting

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The Tri-City is one of the most popular May holidays destinations. It is worth considering, however, that outside the agglomeration there are also many charming places waiting for us, which will be perfect for spending a long May weekend. We suggest where you can go on a May trip in the vicinity of the Tri-City.

Tourists as well as locals should leave the Tri-City, even for one day, and visit other Pomeranian towns, because the voivodship offers many interesting places worth exploring. In the vicinity of the Tri-City there are picturesque beaches, wonderful forests, lakes and nature reserves, as well as many historic cities and towns with a rich history. Visiting these places, you can feel the real atmosphere of Pomerania, learn about its culture and traditions and enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

May 2023 near the Tri-City. Kashubian open-air museum

open-air museum in Wdzydze Kiszewskie, which was established in 1906, was the first Polish open-air museum. Visitors to the open-air museum can admire the richness of the old wooden architecture of Pomerania along with all their equipment: cottages, mansions, a school, windmills, churches, inns, outbuildings and craft workshops. The homesteads present: methods of grinding snuff and grinding grain, washing, mangling, tailoring, weaving, the work of a blacksmith, wheelwright and forest worker. The museum offers a variety of workshops and shows, both for individual visitors and for groups. The huge area of ​​the ethnographic park – 22 ha – allows you to relax among the surrounding gardens, orchards, fields and groves.

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The tour lasts about 3 hours. The price of the ticket (PLN 22 or PLN 16) includes a parking space and a leaflet with a map for independent sightseeing. In May and June, the open-air museum is open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and on weekends from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

May 2023 near the Tri-City. Seal Center in Hel

The Hel sealarium is not a typical tourist facility, because its purpose is to protect seals. The money from the sale of tickets is to cover the costs of maintaining this place. The purpose of the establishment of the Seal Center of the Marine Station of the Institute of Oceanography of the University of Gdańsk is to recreate a gray seal colony in the basin of the southern Baltic Sea.

Daily underwater training of a seal in HelSeal Center Hel

The inspiration for the establishment of this place was the Balbin seal, which was delivered to the facility for rehabilitation. Her recovery was the motivation to open the Seal Center in 1999. Seals treated in Hel, after regaining their strength, return to life in the wild, just like those animals that are born in the facility. They are then subject to observation and scientific research.

The facility is open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. When planning a trip, it is worth taking into account the hours of animal feeding (11 am and 2 pm) – then it is easiest to observe each of the seals, watch them play with their guardians for a while. Tickets for PLN 15 and PLN 10 are available at ticket machines in front of the entrance.

The Seal Center is located close to the station PKP in Hel, so an additional attraction may be arriving to the city by train. From the end of April, Hel can also be reached by water tram. There is also a bicycle route leading to the Seal Center itself Hel Peninsula.

May 2023 near the Tri-City. Ostrich Farm

It is worth deflecting 10 km from Wejherowo to visit Ostrich Farm in Kniewowhere you can see the breeding of the largest bird on Earth – the African ostrich. It is an attraction designed for everyone, especially for families with children. The ostrich farm offers guided tours, animal feeding, competitions, carriage rides and ostrich egg tasting. It’s not cheap, but one is enough for scrambled eggs for 25 people.

In addition to ostriches, the farm also has llamas, emus, goats, rabbits, donkeys, sheep, ducks, chickens, geese, turkeys and horses. The animals can not only be admired, but also fed and stroked. In May, the farm is open seven days a week, from 10-17, and the admission ticket costs PLN 14 for adults and PLN 10 for children and youth.

May 2023 near the Tri-City. The oldest dendrological garden in Poland

Wirta Arboretum is the oldest forest dendrological garden in Poland. It was founded in 1875 by the forest inspector Adam Putrich on the wave of the then prevailing in Europe fashion for planting trees with species from other climatic zones. The garden is located near Starogard Gdański, in the Zblewo commune. It consists of two parts – park and forest, in which we can find a total of 830 species and varieties of trees and shrubs. We will also see there the only specimen of an intermediate walnut in Poland. A particularly charming place in the park part of the arboretum is the rock garden surrounding a small pond.

There are four sightseeing routes to choose from, which will take from 30 to 60 minutes. The facility is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. A normal ticket costs PLN 5, and a concession ticket costs PLN 2.

May 2023 near the Tri-City. Teutonic Castle in Malbork

The 13th-century Teutonic castle that is located in Malbork, is one of those places that you have to see at least once in your life! This building is the largest Gothic castle complex in the world, with an area of ​​about 21 hectares, a masterpiece of defensive and residential architecture of the late Middle Ages. In 1997, it was inscribed on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List.

Among the numerous collections gathered at the castle in Malbork, visitors can see archaeological collections from excavations, collections of militaria, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, stained glass and amber. The Castle Museum houses over 700 amber specimens, rich collections of historical documentation (postcards, maps), over 21,000 contemporary bookplates and engravings (among them is the Battle of Grunwald reproduced by Jan Matejko).

During the picnic, visiting the castle is possible from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., with the last entry possible at 5 p.m. Entrance tickets with an audioguide or a guide from May 1 will cost PLN 80 (full-price ticket) and PLN 60 (reduced ticket). Children up to 7 years old free admission.

Teutonic Castle in MalborkShutterstock

May 2023 near the Tri-City. Castle in Gniew

Not only a building in Malbork, but also Castle in Gniew, can be a real treat for visitors. The Teutonic Castle in Gniew is a former fortress of the Teutonic Order built in the Middle Ages, which has retained its Gothic character to this day. Its construction began at the end of the 12th century. In 1466, under the Peace of Toruń, the castle passed into Polish hands and became the seat of starosts

After the first partition, the building was transferred to Prussia. After World War I, in 1920, Gniew returned to the Polish authorities. The castle was seriously damaged in a fire, and after the start of World War II, the German occupation authorities set up a prison for Poles in the castle. After World War II, the castle in Gniew was rebuilt, now it houses a hotel and a restaurant. Despite this, you can still visit it, but only under the guidance of a guide.

Castle in GniewMarcin Lipinski | www.facebook.com/ZamekGniew

Visiting the castle from April 29 to May 3 takes place at: 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 12:30, 13:00, 13:30, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00. Tickets at the price of 25 and 18 are available at the museum – Dom Bramny.

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May 2023 near the Tri-City. “Quicksand” in Łeba

Dunes in the area Słowiński National Park is Europe’s largest belt of shifting dunes. They can reach heights of up to tens of meters. Under the influence of the wind, the moving sand causes the dunes to “wander” eastwards at a speed of several meters per year, covering the forests they encounter. When going to Pomerania for the May weekend, it is worth finding time to see them with your own eyes.

The most famous of the dunes located in the vicinity of Łeba is Łącka dune. Its name comes from the village of Łączka, which was buried by this dune about 300 years ago. Its height reaches 42 m above sea level, and its highest point is called Mount Łącka. It offers a panorama of exceptional beauty. It covers Baltic SeaLake Łebsko, Rowokół, as well as the remaining area of ​​moving dunes.

The trail to the moving dunes near Łeba starts in the village hem located about 2 kilometers west of Łeba. It can be easily reached by car, melex or bicycle. A small fragment of the Łącka dune is available for tourists, which is fenced off with special ropes. Crossing them, as well as moving on unmarked paths, is strictly prohibited. One-time access to Słowiński National Park it costs PLN 8 and PLN 4.

Slowinski National ParkShutterstock

May 2023 near the Tri-City. Viewing tower on Wieżyca

Viewing tower on Tower was erected in 1997 and is already the fifth tower in this place. To reach the top of the 35-meter building, we have to climb as many as 182 steps. The attractions of Kashubia are clearly visible from there. Amazing views of the lakes and hills covered with dense vegetation, typical of this region, offer active recreation in the bosom of nature.

The Observation Tower in Wieżyca is open daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Price list: children under 6 for free, youth under 16 – PLN 7, over 16 – PLN 10. By car, we can get very close to the tower, from the parking lot it is a short walk along a forest path. It is worth noting that in winter the area around Wieżyca is a popular place for skiing – there is an artificially snowed slope with a ski lift.

May 2023 near the Tri-City. Blücher Bunkers

Blücher Bunkersand is a complex of fortifications built in the 1930s. It is located near the entrance to the port of Ustka – at the western breakwater. Today, the bunkers serve as a museum and are used to promote the history of World War II.

Each room has its own mystery and attraction. Particularly interesting is the virtual fitting room, where everyone can change into any military outfit from World War II and take a commemorative photo. The room of strong impressions with spatial loud sound effects, e.g. a simulation of a bomb attack and thrilling films about war, will be remembered by many for a long time.

Ticket prices for those who want to visit the bunkers without a guide are PLN 19 and PLN 16. The cost of visiting the area with a guide increases by PLN 10.

May 2023 near the Tri-City. Stone circles in Odry

Called the Polish Stonehenge, they attract tourists eager for secrets every year. The beginnings of the “Stone Circles” reserve date back to 1958, while the circles themselves come from the period of Roman influence. These are the largest stone circles in Poland and the second largest in Europe.

Archaeological excavations in the Pomeranian Voivodeship have shown that ancient Scandinavians from the Goth tribe used to live here, leaving a legacy of stone circles. Stones are not the only remnants of the local population, apart from them there are burial mounds, a cemetery, as well as archaeological artifacts. These are extraordinary places, and some even claim that they have exceptional power.

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