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Mazovia. A very quick but expensive ride

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He was driving through the city at over 100 kilometers per hour. He was detained and is waiting for a break from the motorcycle, because he lost his driving license for three months. He will pay two thousand zlotys for the ride. A break from driving awaits the 19-year-old Infiniti driver. His ride was even more expensive.

On Sunday, April 30, police officers stopped a 24-year-old guided motorcyclist just before 5 p.m. on Lubelska Street, who was traveling at a speed of 113 kilometers per hour in a built-up area where the speed limit is 50.

– Due to speeding, he was fined PLN 2,000 and 14 penalty points were added to his account. They also suspended his driving license, which he will only be able to regain in three months – informs podkom. Małgorzata Pychner from the Garwolin police.

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A call for sanity

Police are urging people to follow the rules and use common sense on the road. Road users who pose a serious threat will suffer severe consequences of disregarding the law and the safety of themselves and other road users. The rules on speeding fines have been around for some time and shouldn’t come as a surprise to drivers. – up to 10 km/h – a fine of PLN 50 and 1 penalty point – by 11-15 km/h – a fine of PLN 100 and 2 penalty points – by 16-20 km/h – a fine of PLN 200 and 3 penalty points – by 9 pm 25 km/h – PLN 300 fine and 5 penalty points – by 26-30 km/h – PLN 400 fine and 7 penalty points – by 31-40 km/h – PLN 800 fine / PLN 1,600 recidivism and 9 points – by 41 –50 km/h – a fine of PLN 1,000/recidivism PLN 2,000 and 11 points – by 51–60 km/h – a fine of PLN 1,500/recidivism PLN 3,000 and 13 points – by 61–70 km/h – a fine of PLN 2,000/recidivism 4,000 PLN and 14 points – by 71 km/h and more – PLN 2,500 fine / PLN 5,000 repeat offense and 15 points

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After reports from residents

The inhabitants of Nowy Miedzechów in the Grójec poviat, via the National Safety Threat Map, informed the police that drivers were driving too fast, which put other participants at risk.

The report was confirmed by traffic police officers who checked the speed of vehicles passing through the town.

– They tracked an Infiniti whose driver exceeded the speed limit by 60 kilometers per hour. The 19-year-old was fined PLN 3,000 and 13 points. The amount of the fine was doubled due to another speeding violation recently. However, it did not end there, because the police stopped the young driver’s driving license for the next three months – informs the superintendent. Agnieszka Wójcik from the Grójec police.

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Main photo source: KMP Ostrołęka

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