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Mazovia. Arms and drug trafficking arrests. CBŚP action

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The officers of the Central Police Investigation Bureau seized 13 firearms, long and short weapons, as well as various types of ammunition. Seven people were detained in the Mazowieckie Department of the National Prosecutor’s Office, who were charged with illegal possession of weapons, trafficking in them, and drugs.

A spokeswoman for the Central Bureau of Investigation, sub-inspector Iwona Jurkiewicz, said that the case concerned an “organized criminal group of an armed nature, whose members traded drugs, as well as weapons and ammunition”.

– The first hit on the gang occurred in the fall of 2021. At that time, 16 people were detained and 98 units of firearms, over 30,000 rounds of ammunition, tools for manufacturing and processing weapons, and two kilograms of drugs were seized, reminded Jurkiewicz. She noted that “the seized weapons were hidden in garages, woodsheds and utility rooms.”

Weapons secured by CBŚP CBSP

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An organized crime group

This time, the police officers of the Central Investigation Bureau of the Police from Warsaw, with the support of officers from the Independent Counter-Terrorist Subdivision of the Police from Lublin, carried out operations in the Lubelskie and Mazowieckie voivodships. They detained seven people and seized 13 firearms, including five long and eight short firearms, ammunition, as well as several elements of firearms.

– The collected evidence shows that the detainees collaborated with members of an organized criminal group of an armed nature, broken up during the previous actions – Jurkiewicz further described.

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Weapons secured by CBŚP CBSP

Allegations of arms and drug trafficking

In the Mazowieckie Branch Office of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, the detainee was charged with i.a. trade and possession of weapons and ammunition without the required permit and participation in drug trafficking.

– It was another implementation as part of an investigation in which 42 suspects were presented with a total of 150 allegations. During the operation, the police seized 205 units of various types of firearms, over 82,000 rounds of ammunition, grenades, explosives, devices for manufacturing or processing firearms and ammunition, gunpowder and drugs, the spokeswoman summed up.

Main photo source: CBSP

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