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Mazovia. “Black Water Points”. Dangerous beaches

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The Marshal’s Office informed about the creation of seven new “black water points”. Such marking will appear, among others, in Warsaw, at the Saska beach on the Vistula River.

In Płock, on the pier on the Vistula boulevard, a presentation of new “black water spots” in this region, i.e. marked places identified as particularly dangerous, was organized by the Marshal’s Office of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship on Friday. The meeting was attended by representatives of the police and the Water Volunteer Rescue Service.

– Wild swimming pools or excavations may seem attractive, but they are very treacherous. Doubts are dispelled by warning boards, which are a clear signal that you should not bathe here. And this is reliable information about the fact that it is dangerous here. Let’s not ignore her. It is not worth risking health and life – said the Marshal of Mazovia, Adam Struzik, quoted in the communiqué of the provincial government.

“Black Water Points” map Marshal’s Office of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship

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Black spots – 123 locations in Mazovia

As reported by the Marshal’s Office of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, new “black water points”, marked with black boards with a yellow warning – an inscription and a graphic sign, will appear this year in seven places, including on the Vistula in Warsaw – Saska beach on the right bank; in Płock from the Sailing and Motorboat Branch of PTTK “Morka” towards the “Naftoremont” conference complex and in Góra Kalwaria in the area of ​​the wild beach at the tank crossing.

Boards indicating “black water spots” will also be erected on the Bzura River in Sochaczew – near the old Kulisiewicz mill, next to the footbridge on ul. Staszica and in the area of ​​the old Kulisiewicz mill from ul. Gawłowska. There will also be set up in Gorzewo on Lake Białe – a wild bathing resort of Klusek and in Teodorów – a ferry crossing on the Narew River.

“In total, after the update, there will be 123 places in Mazovia marked with black water points” – the Mazovian local government noted in the information. According to his data, the largest number of such marked dangerous places by the water is located in the Ostrołęcki – 24 and Ciechanów – 23 subregions, and in Warsaw – also 23.

Rescuers are supported by the police and the local government of Mazovia

The Marshal’s Office of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship and the Voivodeship Police Headquarters in Radom and the Warsaw Police Headquarters have been marking dangerous places with “black water spots” since 2009.

– Our priority is to reduce the number of drownings, ensure the safety of bathers, swimmers and water sports enthusiasts. In our activities, we will also support other entities, including: competent communes and WOPR – stressed the first deputy of the Mazovian police commander, insp. Jakub Gorczynski.

Since 2016, the Mazovian government has also been cooperating with non-governmental organizations as part of an open competition for offers in the area of ​​”Rescue and civil protection”. At that time, PLN 3.5 million was spent on the duty of rescuers, the purchase of new equipment or fuel.

Main photo source: Self-government of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship

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