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Mazovia. The sounds of the Vistula available on the album. Recordings were made in 40 locations

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The first sound map of the Vistula River in Mazovia contains almost 160 minutes of recordings made in 40 locations. Its author is Piotr Dąbrowski, musician and sound artist and president of the Nobiscum Foundation. The two-disc CD release will be released in December in a circulation of 700 copies and will be available free of charge.

Piotr Dąbrowski is the author of the first sound map of Płock, which was created in 2020 with the financial support of the city’s office – the two-disc album includes, among others, sounds of streets and parks. The project “Singing with its noise. Sound map of the Vistula in Mazowsze” was in turn implemented thanks to the funding of the voivodeship self-government.

The sounds of the Vistula will go to the record

– The sound map of the Vistula is, like in the case of the soundscape of Płock, nearly 160 minutes of recordings, which were made in 40 different places during subsequent expeditions along with the river current running through Mazovia – told the Polish Press Agency about the Dąbrowski project. As he added, the recordings were made during subsequent trips along the Vistula River, which lasted with breaks for three months – during the journey, the author of the recordings was accompanied by his wife, Gabriela Nowak-Dąbrowska, who documented the visited places photo and video.

– The first recordings were made in Borek. The last one in Nowy Duninów. On the way, on both banks of the Vistula River, we visited villages, towns, and places where people’s feet do not often stand. Everywhere, also in a metropolitan environment, such as in Warsaw, I recorded sounds characteristic of a given location and moment – explained Dąbrowski. He added that in this way a collection of recordings was created showing both natural and industrial soundscapes.

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– One of my observations is that there are hardly any places on the Vistula River where the sound sphere, the landscape of sounds, would not be penetrated to some extent by human presence. Almost always, during these journeys along the river, one could hear, for example, from a distant road or a bridge, car traffic, and it happened quite often that the air could hear the sounds of airplanes as well. One of the recordings shows, for example, the sounds of just six fighters passing by – emphasized Dąbrowski.

As he announced, the premiere of the two-disc CD album “Scattered by its noise. Sound map of the Vistula in Mazovia” is planned for December. – The album will be released in 700 copies and will be available free of charge, thanks to the funding of the Masovian local government – Dąbrowski emphasized.

The starting point for excursions

When informing about the planned publication of the sound map of the Vistula in Mazovia, the Nobiscum Foundation mentioned that the river used to live as a communication and commercial function, but unfortunately no significant record has survived from the audio point of view.

“The sound map of the Vistula in Mazovia documents how the Vistula itself and the places by the river sound today. It is a subjective documentation and such is the picture emerging from it. focus, drastically limiting your impact on the environment around us, as if in opposition to the ubiquitous selfie culture, can give a lot of satisfaction, even if we do not use a microphone and do not make any record “- emphasized the Nobiscum Foundation in the announcement of the publishing house.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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